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Death Note-A Single Sheet

This is my first "Choice" game, so don't expect too much. This is probably not going to turn out as I expect. Comment if there are any spelling/grammar problems.

This is a game based on the popular Japanese Anime Death Note. In the Anime, a young man finds a notebook. If he writes someone's names in the Death Note (while thinking about his/her face), that person will die (of a heart attack, or some other way if the killer writes a way). I do not own Death Note.

In this story, you will play someone from America who finds one sheet of a Death Note (hence the title). There will be references from the original Anime.

Please consider rating/commenting.

The Equine: Bridle

I thought they would change. But threats mean little unless put into action. The others have abandoned me. I don't blame them. But, one way or another, alone or with help, safely or by spilling the blood of whoever gets in my way, I will send every brick of this accursed "haven" to the depths of oblivion.


This game is played in first-person (as opposed to the "normal" second-person).

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