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Why, hello there jimmy. If you happen to be a lassie between the ages of 18 and 180, then I am definitely the old man you desire.

So... you come around here often? :3

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EndMaster and Killa are now mods on 9/10/2016 3:34:01 PM

I agree. Congratulations, both of you.

Favorite Anime Movie on 2/1/2014 2:59:02 AM

I like the Eden Of The East 'trilogy' (or I've only just seen the 3 of the movies)

Overrated Superpowers on 1/24/2014 1:46:36 PM

Live Forever is a good power to have, eternal lust type thing. I live forever, but sadly skin tends to deteriorate after a couple hundred years.

A New (Old) Challenger Approaches! on 1/16/2014 12:34:48 PM

I like old challengers, welcome back. :)

A Very Unorriginal Question on 1/11/2014 2:07:36 PM

Death Note - if you haven't seen death note, you haven't seen a good dramatic psychologist at work.

Angel Beats - Cute girls, with weapons. What more could you ask?

Sgt. Frog - My personal favorite, it's a great comedy, non-realistic animation, and if anything made for a child to laugh.

Fairy Tail - Big series, good moral, lots of filler...

Sword Art Online - one of the best newer animes

Squid Girl - cute, childish, and funny.

Fruits Basket - good moral

Baka and Test - cute and competitive

Kenichi - martial arts and fighting

Kaze No Stigma - all time favorite, great story for a fantasy work

Eden of the East (all 3 movies) - Not sure exactly what order they go in :S

Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl - 3 episodes of a simple plot.

Kill me baby - Cute and childish

Soul Eater - Great story

Attack on Titan - Bit gory, but a great anime

Full Metal Panic - Similar to Infinite Stratos

MM! - Harem... and kinda weird.

Acchi Kocchi - childish but cute


Of course you can just google anime lists, most of these were just taken from my personal list's first page :S

High School for you? on 1/9/2014 11:29:16 PM

There were 7 years of teaching.

1st year: The mud hut is very smelly, architecture was not advanced back then...

2nd year: Got used to the smell of sweaty mud, the teacher is very nice (considering it was my mother)

3rd year: The roof collapsed over the harvest season, I don't mind the large bugs all that much.

4th year: The prettiest female I've ever seen in my life walks into the classhut and gives me a wink. (She might've had a large bug in her eye though)

5th year: The roof is fixed, and now grows grass - how lovely for the environment.

6th year: Final stretch, I'm a whopping 17 years old (middle-age back then) and still living in the classhut.

7th year: I have all the knowledge in the world, the sun god blesses me with a bountiful harvest and I continue digging canals from the nearby river to irrigate the crops.

In conclusion, the world has advanced in the last 1,200 years. I'm sure high school is much better nowadays though :D

Could Reality be an Illusion on 1/8/2014 5:54:50 PM

The best anyone can do on the matter of reality is to wait. Nothing is true unless we brand it as true, and even then it may not be true. So we find stuff to take our minds off finding the real truth, event the most basic actions like eating or drinking - we believe they are the necessities because people in the past have said so and people now say so. Find joy and feelings and things to see and things to be, just to take your mind off that thought in the back of your head that it could all just be for nothing and that it's all useless. So while we wait for the truth, might as well find something to do. Doesn't have to be related to the truth, and it doesn't have to be similar to what others have chosen. The point is there is no way to prove anything, so we do nothing of useful merit, and we live on (if living is true). People have thought of reality before, and always (or so we believe), the conclusion is (even if it's a subconscious conclusion) that there is nothing we can do but wait and see what happens. Someone was waiting one day, and thought that while he waited he might as well find a way of easing people to not think of the truth of reality, so he made a structure and he made beliefs and systems of ways to do things, and people caught on - so everyone just expands on it when all they're really doing is waiting. So while we all wait, let's find something to do - it doesn't have to help anyone, and it doesn't have to be related to you, just finding something to know is enough to keep us busy while we wait. Maybe create something to entertain others. Like a choose your own adventure story, with a million pathways to lead to infinite conclusions, and to enjoy our wait until something happens, even if that something is nothing. :) that's my opinion on reality in a nutshell.

The hardest class I have ever taken. on 12/18/2013 11:12:18 PM

Back in my day, literary composition was the hardest class. Although the scientific classes can be pretty hard, the hardest class in high school ever (taken by my father OldManWillakers_IX) is probably economics. It more depends on what you're interested in, and what you're good at :S

If only.... on 12/14/2013 12:19:08 AM

Welcome back mr.xcentrix, I'm doing fine. Though I can't find insurance for my health and so I'm having to deal with many hardships. Some companies just don't know how to give insurance to a man over 3.2billion years old. It's sad really, I hope you have great health insurance and can find your way into better living. Nice to meet you :3

The Newest New Guy on 12/14/2013 12:16:18 AM

Welcome! If someone offers a utensil used for eating in various ways (specifically the combination of a spoon and fork) DO NOT TAKE IT! You will catch a plague of many desires that will never be fulfilled and will suffer a horrible death of betrayal and sadness!