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The Shittest Story of all Time! on 10/17/2020 4:15:31 AM


The Shittest Story of all Time! on 10/15/2020 1:46:18 PM

Make your punctuation that of a third grader with dyslexia, use onomatopoeias way too much like a children's book from the 90s, and have long winded, almost way too personal rants about certain people who may or may not be inserts of people who WON'T STOP ANNOYING YOU! *cough*  

How Do You Make Friends? on 10/15/2020 1:39:12 PM

Common interests are a big one, but depending on where you are with Covid-19 there might not be a lot of events for you to find people with said interest. Social networking sites can be helpful but not aways. Multiplayer video games and discord are ways to to find online friends as there's pretty much a discord server for every and any fandom or interest (Currently in one for Chainmail making.)

 Also just learning to insert yourself into social circles is a big one. Can't just expect people to be your friends right away. It takes time. Just being able to talk to strangers is the first and biggest step.

2020 Resolutions on 1/4/2020 10:09:38 PM

Not reverting to a lazy piece of shit is top of my priorities. I also wanna set up my finances and investments for my leap into adulthood. Bank Accounts, Investments and Credit Unions ETC. Just a lot of set up as leaping has been postpone because BS, but I'm gonna take the extra time and do it right so I don't end up racking up creditcard debt and student loans over the next 6-8 years and regret it for the rest of my life.

Ballads from Military Academy on 12/31/2019 8:14:30 PM

Typically it's Faggots and Weebs for the navy, Pussies and SJW Women for the Airforce, incels and landwhales for army, retards and crossbreed of chadlike-mgtow for the marines and then there's the coast guard which is just for cops who want extra benefits and a safer job.

Ballads from Military Academy on 12/27/2019 7:08:15 AM

I swear the only people who ever talked about anything else were the weebs that infiltraited our ranks.

Ballads from Military Academy on 12/27/2019 7:06:15 AM

Fun as that would be, the sheepskin supply had me a bit unnerved at the idea.

Ballads from Military Academy on 12/27/2019 1:23:38 AM

I left about 6 months ago to a Military Highschool. Aside from the expected marching, cadence calling, physical punishments, and shite food; I had a whale of a time. I went from having no highschool education to graduating with honors, my platoon swept all three competitions at three of the four tournaments with the other platoons. It was fun, but the amount of degeneracy that I went through and saw while I was there left my accomplishments feeling a bit on the hallow side.

While I was there, fraternization was by far this class' biggest plight. From note passing, to hand holding, to full fledged makeout sessions in the back of a van I got to experience up close the cause of over population. It probably doesn't even compare to a regular highschool. I don't feel as bad for dropping out at 14 if I got to skip out on all that drama. The biggest conversation pieces were always the females. Couldn't figure out what all the fuss was about for a bunch of 6/10 with the occasional 8 scattered in. All the 8s were taken and the 6s were chalk full of drama. This one tall, skinny, crazy blonde was fratenizing with at least 4 dudes. She got terminated week 18 for putting on make up when she wasn't supposed to. Those bitches were crazy.

3rd Platoon had our fair share of drama. Week 6 a kid got jumped in the latrine by five other guys. Dude was a chubby white guy and he managed to piss off the mob squad by talking "all that smack." Got jumped by at 3 hispanics, 1 skinhead, and one Lebron James. One hit and he dropped. Apparently he wanted to get jumped so he could convince his parents to take him home. He started talking shit and planning to fight people to make it happen, but in the end it didn't really matter cause the guy that got jumped, 3 of the 5, and one random guy who was just at the wrong place all got terminated the next day.

We also got a Cadre terminated. Well... Almost two. The cadre that was on shift for the latrine jumping got pissed on, but he was fine even though he quit for family reasons later that year. But good ole' Sergeant B. was a sad case because he let everyone do whatever the fuck they wanted and still lost his job. B didn't care at all. He said "You're kids, so I'm going to let you have some fun." Dude put on movies, let people sleep, and allowed pure chaos to spread. I hated him. I knew he'd let something bad happen and we'd all take the blame for it just like the first time. Sure enough, dude takes a group of kids over by one of the classrooms to let them PT and study for the ASVAB. The rest of us are over by the basket ball court and under a cover playing cards and listening to this one kid who had a freaking guitar with like 6 cadre around to watch us. SGT B's group break into a classroom, steal candy from said classroom, but not after moving the fucking camera so they wouldn't get caught.  Idiots did however, forget to move the camera back, so when the teacher comes in the next monday he goes "Now why is that camera moved." So a kid got terminated and maybe charged with a felony because he tampered with a camera owned and managed by the goddamn government and like 7 other guys get put on academy probation for the rest of the class. B almost got fired, but quit before they could get him.

I'm out of time for now. Gotta get some sleep. I'll post some more stories as they come to me if even one person is interested, but if not I won't bother. It's good to be back, even though I left on not so good terms with a few of you for a reason the eludes me. Hope you guys had a good 6 months.

The Shortcomings of a Censored Society on 7/6/2019 7:49:47 PM

Did this to get out of Hell. Not gonna write anything else. Point out spelling and grammatical? mistakes and I'll fix them. Hope you're having a nice day.

The Shortcomings of a Censored Society on 7/6/2019 7:47:51 PM

Jenkins was in a drug induced sleep. The first one in a while. One phone call from the Director to rip him from is dreams. Sending him hurtling towards his favorite bar, the call ended with a click. Miami was as bright as ever that night. Filled with the street walkers and junkies you'd normally expect from a redlight. Upset of the reason for his commute, his mind dwelled on speculation and then drifted to his personal plights.

Jenkins was 34 but looked decades older. Between the stress of the job, the drugs he used to sleep, and the self-hatred was the cause of his aged look. He was a man split in two. A ‘Hero Cop that kills Pedophiles’ and a drug addicted fiend who kills his own kind to feel better about himself. They used makeup, photoshop and editing to make him look like a hero which only splintered his mind further. He used drugs to sleep, drugs to wake up, and drugs to dream. Sleep was the only escape from himself.

There was a good line outside the Veteran’s Sin. The food was god awful but the booze was cheap. No where near the size of a high class joint so the fact that there’s a line is a surprise. The Sin was usually dead with only a handful of dancers and hookers in at any given time. It was either an orgy or lady’s night. The bouncer pointed at Jenkins and waved him through. He was short. About 5’6 but muscle bound as Texan bull. That fact only made the Popeye uniform he was wearing all the more ironic. “How you been, man?” the bouncer spouted in his Hispanic accent. “Itching for a drink” Replied Jenkins with his gruff, smoker’s voice. “Well you came to the wrong place” The bouncer laughed as he patted Jenkins on the back and let him through. Waiting staff rushed around with shitty food, booze and condoms. A woman in Airforce Mechanic Coveralls was grinding on a man wearing a fighter pilot’s helmet on the stage. As Jenkins sat down at the bar a woman slapped a man who was only wearing dog tags and combat boots for grabbing her ass.

After he ordered a drink, Jenkin’s surveyed the area. The was cut up by booths, tables, a main stage and two smaller stages to the side. The bar sat in the middle of the room with a curved angle making a perfect oval. With his back to the main stage Jenkins realized this place was packed. There were more employees than he had ever seen and the room was lighter than it had been before. Unlike most brothels the Veteran’s Sin didn’t have rooms for the services, instead you would have to use one of the nearby motels to get some privacy. Drifting off into his prison once again, a tap on his shoulder broke him free.
“Hello Jenkins, how are you?” said a calm voice as he sat down on the stool beside him. “Tired, Waylen. This better be good.” Waylen had a tablet with him and tapped on it a few times before talking. “Well the guys at the top and I mean at the very top got a file full of pictures yesterday. Most of it was just a file with evidence on some perverts in Officer’s Corp. Nothing too strange, but then they found a picture of a singer named Haley Summertime spending time in a sex club here in Miami. Her dad is a shareholder in a massive arms company that provides the weapons that go on most of our spacecraft.” Waylen explained.”Get to the point already.” spewed Jenkins. “Jeez. Crabby, much? Well alright, Haley was doing lines of coke with a guy named Snakewacker. He’s an anti-military degenerate who has a history of offenses. He’s been out of the country for a while now, but he’s back in Miami. The Bosses want you to bring him in dead or alive.” Finished the informant. “How do I know if he’s still in the city?” Asked the detective. “You don’t, but you still gotta find him wherever he is and bring him in” Jenkins didn’t have much choice in the matter. With the contract he signed it was obvious saying no wasn’t an option, but Jenkins didn’t feel any less annoyed by it. After getting the location of the set from Waylen and finishing his drink he took a shuttle right back to his apartment to get some rest. Of course, the pills he popped to get that rest did numbers on his dreams.

“The outside of the club was covered in lewd and pornographic images. Two transvestites stood outside with no looks of shame upon their faces. Shouting out invitations and welcomes to passersby. Jenkins isn’t buying it. Gun on hip, badge on chest and ready to kick some ass he pushes through the crowd outside. Two bouncers on both sides of the double doors rush forward to stop him, but see the badge and gun. Taking two steps back at a diagonal? away from the doors to let the man through. The inside of the club is shaking. Women and men dancing and masturbating in cages suspended above the dance floor with an orgy of degeneracy happening below them. Every perversion you can imagine is probably happening being as the floors are covered in piss, shit, blood and cum. Jenkins feels sorry for the floor and even worse for the dog he hears barking somewhere in the crowd. The VIP section is past the dance floor and up a staircase with a pane of glass dividing the two areas. A set of motorized blinds are currently up so everything happening in both sections was in full view of each other. The place didn’t smell of the cesspool is was, but soon enough Jenkins noticed the misting of perfume being spewed out of a sprinkler system.

Jenkins was quick to action, running around the dance floor and up the stairs. The badge was all the authority he needed as he drew his gun to shoot the lock. Just as he was about to fire a bald woman with a beard opened the door to let him through. The VIP section had only a handful of people and Jenkins got to work. “Police” he yelled as he fired a shot into the ceiling. “OI CUNT, BE STEADY WITH THAT THING” screamed a long haired Australian man in a leather one piece suit. “We get the point, the fuck do you want” said a blonde woman who made Jessica Rabbit look like a lolita. “Where can I find Snakewacker?” Jenkin’s yelled as is smoker’s voice cracked causing him to cough. “You want that faggot?” said the bald woman. “He cut up one of my girls yesterday, I want him put down anyway. He’s at the Bullwinkle Hotel with a bunch of his goons.”  Jenkins thought about it for a moment then made his way for the door as he holstered the gun. “If you’re lying-” “You’ll kill us, we get the point” finished the busty blonde.

The Hotel was littered with guys. Armed to the teeth. Jenkins had his gun ready. “BLAM” one the two guys out front took it straight to the head, as Jenkins ran out from his cover. The second dropped with a pull of the trigger. The glass doors were no match for the Detective as he crashed through them. “BLAM BLAM BLAM.” With that the three lobby goons hit the floor. Jenkins grabbed the Uzis and shot gun and put another bullet through the clerk’s eye socket. Taking the shotgun he began clearing out room after room filled with lechers and whores. Drug fiends and their pathetic habits. Mercs pull guns and knifes but they’re no match for our hero as he makes his way through the hive. Floor after floor, fiend after whore he kills and maims and butchers. An explosion is heard on the bottom floor and it’s like wowwie, guys. So then, the Badass Lady Killer of a Detective flies up the stairs duel wielding uzis and is totally like killing them and stuff. But then he reaches the room and the villain starts screaming “I TOTALLY KID NAPPED HALEY AND SHIT. FORCED HER TO DO COKE AND CORRUPTED HER CUTE LITTLE ASS” and the hero shoots him, grabs the girl and makes out with her then and there and it’s like totally cool beans. Then the zipline out the window and the hero’s face is all COOL GUYS DON’T LOOK AT EXPLOSIONS. Then there’s some boring stuff about how drugs are bad and perverts who don’t go to the redlight cities are totally evil and shit. So then the episode ends.”  Louie told as he recounted the last episode of the Hero of the State to Dewey. “This show has really gone down hill. Are we sure Jenkins is a real person?” Huey Intercepted. “Hell yeah he’s real, but I there’s rumors he’s actually a drug addict.” Dewey finished. “We should stop watching this crap, plus if our parents found out we’d be in trouble."