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My name is Bradley. I am 11. I am going into 7th grade. I am currently accepting duels and I'm going to play basketball and football. I am a Defensive Center and a Defensive Lineman. Offense wins games but defense wins championships-Michael Jordan. I like Criticism it makes you strong- Lebron James.

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Editor on 7/29/2016 9:40:17 PM

I'm done I will just make the story on my own

Editor on 7/29/2016 9:36:01 PM

What is?

Editor on 7/29/2016 9:35:26 PM

Oh but also how do I use a background?

Editor on 7/29/2016 9:30:25 PM

I read your profile and you said your friends with Seto I will tell you right now he is a great guy because as soon as I got this and I needed help he helped majorly and now we are still talking and are great friends

Editor on 7/29/2016 9:28:30 PM

Ok how do you proofread?

Editor on 7/29/2016 9:27:00 PM

Yep friends with mizal alright

Editor on 7/29/2016 9:25:17 PM

Oh I will probably figure it out once I'm on this site for a little longer

Editor on 7/29/2016 9:23:56 PM

A really experienced troll who can cover their tracks?

Editor on 7/29/2016 9:23:27 PM

How do you do that?

Editor on 7/29/2016 9:22:40 PM

How did you do that?