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Ban me please on 3/25/2019 11:32:29 PM


Ban me please on 3/25/2019 11:27:38 PM

Woah. I can't remember who that was at all, but I didn't know that they did anything like that. I don't support pedophiles.

Who was it? I was a dumb 11 year old when I made this account. I hope it was somewhere back then and not too recently.

Ban me please on 3/25/2019 6:42:48 PM

@EndMaster @EndMaster @EndMaster

One (and a half) years. on 8/15/2016 1:09:58 PM

What about decade anniversary threads? I'm planning on making one when the time comes lol.

Four years. on 7/24/2016 11:50:45 PM

Yep! Wait... Who will start the decade celebration forum when the time comes!?


Four years. on 7/24/2016 11:10:31 PM

Cool! I'm almost on my third year. Anyways, congrats!

Listening to songs on repeat? on 7/20/2016 2:26:56 PM


How did you fail when you first joined? on 6/27/2016 12:30:44 AM

Necroing. I didn't know what it was, so I would unintentionally necro stuff over and over again. Googling it gives you a different definition. So embarrassing! Anyone else?


ChooseYourStory History on 6/27/2016 12:16:15 AM

I've witnessed the Warrior Cats ban and the Ryder thing. What other significant, big, historical ChooseYourStory events have happened before these? 

Cysid is on point on 5/23/2016 7:23:31 PM