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Some short info about me-

One this profile and the zomb story are shared by a friend I DID NOT WRITE THE ZOMB STORY!!

Two I enjoy all kinds of criticism as I want to learn from my mistakes

And finally all other storys besides the zomb story were made by me



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What is a RPS choice? on 9/19/2019 2:26:31 PM

So I just a got a little notfiction saying I got a RPS choice what excatly are they?

Can you edit a story after its posted? on 5/23/2019 11:09:06 AM

thanks i don't care much about the ratings or comments just want to share my story to others

Can you edit a story after its posted? on 5/23/2019 10:40:13 AM

Been wondering this, my whole story has hit 11K words but its still far from completion i was wondering if i could post it and let others enjoy what can be played right now but i would still be able to add to it while its published

Pls help