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A new account for SoulWriter, because I'm running out of storygame space. Here I am creating stories from my imaginary friends. I have imaginary friends.

Yes, I have imaginary friends. Don't judge, they're pretty mature.

No, I don't hallucinate. I know they aren't real, please don't make me say so.

Yes, I am Nightsky. Shut up, that isn't of importance. Just quit asking me about that.


Okay, some things you should know. I mainly stick to playing/reading storygames. I do, however, have some to write, so....

I'm always looking for friends, so shoot me a PM any time!... :)


Storygame Series-

IO- Yeah, those are the ones titled _____'s Story. Stupid titles, I might think of something later...and you can read them in any order!

Ravadeer- A fantasy series that you can read out of order!

Lyrics- Comics based off songs! Mostly pop since that's all I listen to...haha. They all feature my imagianry friends in their world. Each comic will take FOREVER, so be patient please! :)

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*Still thinking of a title...*

Play as Ivan the bear, Kangee the raven, or Mangan the wolf. Go on a journey to find a legend.

Nevadeer Part One: Tower of Shadows

Ravadeer- Ravadeer is a land of several nations of different species of half-humans. You play as one of these half-humans. Explore the different nations, make friends, and make enemies, in the world of Ravadeer.

Tower of Shadows- You have experienced the world of Ravadeer, now you have a mission. Build your friendships for allies, make as few enemies as possible, for now there is a greater threat. The Tower of Shadows....

Nevadeer- Explore

This is from the world of Nevadeer. Recommended if you haven't played the Nevadeer Series before. This will be a basic adventure exploring the world of Nevadeer so you can familiarize yourself with how things work.

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What was the last book that ever made you cry? on 2/16/2016 3:50:08 AM

Fred was my davorite out of the Weasley twins. I don't know why, since they're twins...I just always liked him more...

Favorite Animal? on 2/10/2016 3:43:43 PM

My science teacher wouldn't shut up about that, he's one of those Star Wars geeks that loves funny fail videos...he's awesome...except when he doesn't shut up about PuppyMonkeyBabies...

Favorite Animal? on 2/10/2016 10:25:37 AM

That'd be hilarious

Favorite Animal? on 2/10/2016 9:36:28 AM

No, but giganotosaurus is cool. I didn't say was because it still is cool.

But I love okapis, they're adorable!

Tacocat's Huge Reveal! on 2/9/2016 9:56:11 PM


Tacocat's Huge Reveal! on 2/9/2016 9:28:07 PM

My sister's a trombone, try again.

Have you ever heard an oboe?.

Tacocat's Huge Reveal! on 2/9/2016 7:34:24 PM

Try being an oboe player. IT SOUNDS LIKE A DYING GOAT/DUCK HYBRID!!! I play it for my mom, and although it sounds funky, I can make it sound like a clarinet, then our ears are saved, lol cheeky I love it though, no matter the sound...

Favorite Animal? on 2/9/2016 10:25:01 AM

Interesting...very interesting...

Favorite Animal? on 2/9/2016 8:44:18 AM

I have fox, wolf, tiger, rat, otter, red panda bear, seal, and penguin. Any more?

If I missed one, don't be offended, they'd only be hard to do, that's all. In that case I should've left out penguin, but so many people wanted it...

Title Ideas? on 2/9/2016 8:20:12 AM

They aren't anthropomorphic, but you pronounce it just like it sounds, does kind of sound like fender...oh well...