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Dead Empire

Long ago, the kingdom of Galhand ruled the land. They had the fiercest warriors, brightest scholars, the most abundant resources, and a great fair ruler.

Till one fateful day, death sprouted from below, and in this deep seemingly endless void, fiends arisen.

The flesh and blood of the pure 'twas corrupted till
not a pure soul was left in sight.

All but one, lonely warrior.

They roam the capital, unable to die due to a dreaded curse.

In order to pass on to the next life, they must slay the very being that ordered this hellish reality.

Such is the tale, of the fall of Galhand.

(I'm fairly new to this, please be nice ;-;)

Operation Moses

**Minor exposition that is a bit important** 

The year is 2099, and the world isn't exactly how previous generations envisioned. 

Nuclear war struck a few years prior, due to dwindling resources and rising political tensions. 

Most of humanity went underground in their respective regions and waited for the fallout to clear, and those who didn't...

Well I'm sure you know their fate. 


Now, humanity has resurfaced, and established various settlements in order to survive. 

You belong to the settlement of Angerspring, a large settlement holed up in an abandoned town, living conditions there are quite good, and the population by todays standards are great. 

You belong to the Angerspring Armed Forces, specifically in a special unit called The Scouts.


The Scouts go on special operations, clearing out camps of infamous raiders, or finding caches of resources.

Will you survive? Or become a statistic? 

(I'm really new to this)

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Help. on 1/14/2021 10:31:45 AM

In a storygame I am making, at the start you select the type of character you want to be. You pick like a certain "class" I guess you can call it, that gives you class specific items, and a "skill" specific to that class. (The skill is used as an item with unlimited uses.) How do you make it to where you cant just simply go back and pick up all of the skills and class specifc items, as that would really break the storygame. 

Thank you.