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Hello friends! on 5/1/2020 12:30:56 PM

Oh yeah haha I just got there in my read, started with the basics. Thanks!

Need info on 5/1/2020 12:29:01 PM

Awesome! Thanks! Seems simple enough. Great suggestion!

Need info on 5/1/2020 12:27:46 PM

Okay, thanks! Duly noted! Though attempting to publish chapter 1 was more of a test for the site before anything else, it is true my story will be a long one and it is not completed yet. I thought I'd be able to add a chapter once in a while to keep something new on the table. I'm not even sure I intend to end the story definitely. There's just so much I wanna explore, I might always keep a potential opening for more adventure. Anyhow, I'll be creating endings for the first book of the series and thus separate it from the second book. That would do. 

Sorry I misunderstood your inquiry about the examples.

I wasn't using the correct format when entering commands. I'm still exploring, but it worked so far. 
Thanks for the answer!


Need info on 5/1/2020 10:41:11 AM

I wanted to publish Chapter 1 today but I need to wait two days since I'm new to the site.

I'm not sure what kind of example I could post to help you.

Say every character have variables like Life, Gold, Morale, Sanity, etc.

Aetheris has access to the mana variable in chapter 1, but not favor or stamina.
Sulven has access to the favor variable in chapter 2, but not mana or stamina.

Gale has access to the armor and stamina variables in chapter 3, but not mana or favor.

Pixen has access to all of them in chapter 4.

Aetheris comes back in chapter 5, and continues with his stats from the end of chapter 1.
That's the gist of what I'd need I think.

The global pagescript idea seams correct for what use I seek. I still need to read a lot of articles on this site, some are enlightening truly, now that I know what they're about. From beginner to expert, I'll read them all before tonight.

I'll complete the lecture before asking any more questions, I think it's best. I didn't read the right articles the first time.
It took me to the Sherlock Holmes tutorial story and that didn't really help me know what scripting was. Now I've found the section with a thorough explanation. Let's see if I manage something after that.

Thanks truly. I appreciate your help.

Need info on 5/1/2020 10:14:00 AM

Yes, I've been reading about it on this site but I lacked the basic knowledge of scripting to understand correctly.  So I went on the Internet to learn more about the subject. Thing is, every time I try to enter a script, an error occurs and it says, "did not recognize" followed by the first letter of whatever I type in. I'm guessing there's something missing to my knowledge still, and I probably just don't know the format of whatever I should write there. I believe I understood the potential possibility of affected stats being indicated using scripting methods, but so far I haven't managed to make the game accept any of my commands. Still need to do some research to comprehend. I am eager for your examples, thanks a lot!

Edit : I've started checking threads again on this site, now that I have better understanding of the concept of scripting. Lots of symbols and special characters I'll have to get used to. Might take a few days to memorize and master, if that is what is needed. 

Need info on 5/1/2020 9:31:44 AM

Hmm, I need to find an answer to the following issue.

Let's say I use mana, favor, stamina, life, armor, gold, sanity and morale variables for each character.
I'd like to see the stat changes indicated every time it happens, but so far all I can do is have them all appear at the bottom of each text. At least you can see where you're situated. Even if the stat changes for the choices made are not clearly indicated, the results at the bottom are modified accordingly. Is there a way to see only the changed variables every time a choice is made or do I need to check every box in the variable setting so the stats appear at all times throughout the story?

This leads to another issue.

Admitting some characters don't have access to certain stats, and every chapter is in the perspective of a different character, is there a way to choose which stats are shown for the first chapter, and which stats are shown for the second? At the moment, the list of stats at the bottom of each segment is overly long, with four characters having multiple variables, some of them of no use in the current chapter. I'm asking if I can choose which stats are displayed for each chapter separately, or if I need to create a new story for every chapter in order to do that?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Hello friends! on 5/1/2020 8:48:08 AM

Actually, I still need to figure out how to master the scripting part. Links and variables are easy, but scripting is new to me and I need to read more about it to fully understand. I've been using the advanced editor board from the start but haven't included any scripting yet. One thing at a time, but I'll manage eventually I'm sure. 

What's $DEST?


Hello friends! on 5/1/2020 8:31:21 AM

Thanks for your response!

Perhaps you underestimate my resolve. I've been toying around with the editor all night and got a hang of how it works. I've read a few stories last night as well and will keep doing so whenever I have the chance. I transcripted over 10 000 words only last night, while figuring out how the editor works. Thank the tutorials and explanations for that. I woke up with the answer to my own question.

Let's say I have 4 characters. If I use variables Life1, Life2, Life3, and Life4, for example, that would allow me to have the life stat for all characters, or so I believe. Gonna test that today and fix it all up. It takes time to make a good story, but I've got a good one, and the passion of it won't end.  
No hard work will stop me now that I've found this site, which makes everything possible :)


Hello friends! on 5/1/2020 12:41:57 AM

Hey everybody, I just found this site and started typing a story I've been writing for some time. I have a good question though. I'd be using a party of four people for the series, and every chapter puts you in the role of the next character.  What I mean is Chapter 1, 2, 3, and 4 are lived in four different perspectives. But then every following chapter reuses these characters in a pattern. Some chapters use more than 1 character at once and so I need to be able to keep track of all their stats.

My stats are supposed to stick to my characters along the series, and I've got it all written down, but I can't find out how to have 4 distinct characters with their respective stats.  I want Chapter 1 to 4 to have fresh stats for every new character I present, but then at chapter 5, when the first hero comes back into action, the final stats for chapter 1 would come in account, and so on... Is it possible? 
Just wondering, otherwise I'm gonna reset the stats every chapter I guess..

Thanks in advance for your response.

I can't describe how happy I am to find this site, I was longing to share my story to fellow readers!