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Site can be a tad confusing but also very friendly to use!

Young writer (as in how long I've been writing.)

Hobbies and enjoyment-

- DnD, community is strange but nice

- MTG, got 5-6? decks, no they aren't the best... Kinda wish my mom didn't break up her angel deck, I'm planning on fixing it eventually.

- Documentary of really anything from crime to story making


Side notes-

I just got back from a lot of family drama, hi. 

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What's the range that appropriately fits on 12/14/2023 7:07:52 AM

Thanks, this is helpful to know and don't worry too much about missing what I'd asked. I myself have been pretty busy so I'm just glad for the bit of help for when I do have time to write.

Monday Night WRITING Questionnaire on 11/3/2023 9:05:38 PM

Yah I would still write interactive stories. I write on an Ai site and come up with lots of lore so its more specific for people chatting and role-playing with the bots. But if I had neither then I would have moved to wattpad like my friend, probably not to write however, I like having more control over different outcomes and linear stories either half the people love or hate it. With interactive more seem to like it since you can work towards an ending you love and enjoy...or finally be able to punch that one character you hate.

What's the range that appropriately fits on 11/3/2023 8:36:29 PM

In everyone's own opinion, how long would you say a page word length is before you let the reader have an option to make? Shortest I have is around 200 words and longest is around 1300 words.

The Damned and the SHAMED on 10/31/2023 9:38:55 PM

Based on what I saw from the last event I think they will post a thread for people to submit their story links once it is closer to the deadline date. Though this could however change, so any admin go ahead and correct me if I'm wrong, please.

Ps- No I'm not joining this event. I am focused on one story I started and wish to get at least to the fifth chapter before I join any events. I'm currently on chapter two which is exciting! I will be revising chapter one at a later date however.

But to the rest have fun and I give you all the best on the event!!!

New and may create? on 10/11/2023 9:20:20 PM

I'm sure I will since it's a nice site idea. Not to mention stories on here are really well made from what I've read so far.

New and may create? on 10/9/2023 8:41:30 PM
Beep boop

New and may create? on 10/9/2023 8:30:53 PM
Yah i saw the contest when i joined, it's what made my friend interested. I can always join the next one. So far I've been reading a Slay the dragon story, supposedly a long draw out joke, but its really nice. As for a bot site, it's just a different way of saying Ai chat characters. I myself use ‘Beta Character Ai’. Community there is supportive and fairly happy to have different scenarios to play with. When talking of a bot most instantly think just having conversation, but you can also role-play with the bot. Plus it disallows NSFW things so it keeps it tamer then Dungeon Ai. I find it useful since i have no idea of role-play but my friend wants to one day play DND, lovable nerd.

New and may create? on 10/9/2023 8:22:41 PM
No I'm human

New and may create? on 10/9/2023 6:06:26 PM
Hey, I'm new here. I normally make short stories for a bot site while a friend makes them for wattpad. My friend gave me an idea i could try out and since their story is dying out. Most they told me so far that they want me to try making is something about Brothers Grimm and fairytales. I got no clue where they're going with this, so it should be fun.