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Let's talk business.

I'm a shark as you can see, and a very successful one at that.

In fact, I have sold over 7,000 products to various humans and whatnot, and I plan on doing so for the rest of my life. For if I stop selling, I will die. 

I have come to the conclusion that this website would be a good place to sell any stories that I create for you gullible humans. For the right price of course.

Below is a list of things I have sold to various people on CYS. I expect this list to grow.

 - The Penguin Clubber to Maggor Tharr, to get revenge on ISentinelPenguinI.

 - The Cat Toilet 2000 to mattc, to potty train his cat.

If you need anything, PM me with the deets, as you suckers humans say.



Pleasure doing business with you,


Troppy    -    Business Shark





Game Over!

When you get sucked into an old video game with only one life left, can you survive? Or will you die by the hand of the final boss?

The Order of the Lost Ones

I want this story to be amazing, so I will hold off on this until I have more experience writing CYOA stories, or I become more well-known on the site.

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"Face the reality."

    - MinnieKing 2017

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Warrior sharks are also an option.

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*applauds enthusiastically*

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A brain?

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A bed!

Riddles on 6/15/2017 2:58:47 PM

You're on a roll Mizal, it is a piano. I actually have never heard of a piano riddle before, I made this one myself.

The keys are the keys of the piano, all making a different sound but looking the same.

The piano itself is not meant to be moved, it moves others emotionally through the sound it makes.

But it needs hands to play it with a map, which is the song being played.

Riddles on 6/15/2017 2:47:44 PM

I am like a box that holds many keys

Each one is different, but all look the same

I am not meant to move, I am meant to move others

But to do this I need hands, and a map to guide them

What am I?

Riddles on 6/15/2017 1:14:38 PM

Well done Okay riddle.

Riddles on 6/15/2017 1:00:01 PM

So politician is correct!

Riddles on 6/15/2017 12:33:04 PM