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Hi, I am Unkindcrab. I spent years teaching myself to write (because I am a crab.) I do love to write, although my crab tribe shuns me because of this. They think that writing is a waste of time and that it is better to learn how to feast on food or use our pincers right. Be warned that our master, Periculum, does not like humans and will eat them on sight. We are still not sure what he is, he looks deformed, but he is the biggest so we call him our leader.

On a serious note: I love writing and will always do it as a side interest or hobby. That's all you need to know about me.

Wait, who are you? Creep! 


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Friday the 13th

Welcome to Friday The 13th. In this game YOU decide how you die, live, or get involved in your player interactions. Make sure you are ready because this is going to be one bloody ride.



*Note: language and deaths are gruesome and may not be suitable for children under the age of 13, you have been warned.*

The Foreigner

Typical life. Abusive father, drunken mom, and no friends. I'm sure you know what that's like. Maybe not. Well maybe you do, who knows! You deal with this stuff all the time and it's pretty crappy. That all changes one night. You get the chance of you're life. A chance to start over.

This is my second story and if you haven't read my other one, it is listed in horror: Friday the 13th. Again, this is only my 2nd story so please leave feedback if you find any major grammatical or spelling mistakes/broken links/broken items, I check comments frequently. Anyways I hope you enjoy.

There are some places where you will get a link that leads to a death and there are no other options. If you run into one of these, this means that you need to use an item in your inventory. Also every time you die and it says End Game and Leave Comments with the link to a previous page, that means you didn't get an ending. If you get one of these without a link to a previous page, click it. (You will be suprised!)


P.S (There is some Latin, so if you do not know that language it is recommended that you pull up a translator to figure out what the words mean.}

Please don't leave comments about my Latin speaking, I don't really know it. (May or may not have used google translate).

Finally, this story is kind of like how I evolved with my story telling. This is a story that I wrote over the time of a couple years because I would go on a hiatus of some sort every now and then. At the beginning was a couple years back and I just finished the story a couple hours ago, then I proofread it a couple times.

Anyhow, enjoy!


Friday the 13th Remastered

This place is haunted, Camp Crystal Lake, and you know it. But you can't say no to a dare now, can you? Yes you can, and you wish you did.

(This is a continuation/ending of my first story; Friday the 13th. I know that it isn't a remaster, more like a sequel, but remaster sounds cooler.)

There are secret endings in the story but most of them aren't canon (Like the Disney ending, that will never be canon).

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Yeah true, but most of it wouldn't make sense. I guess End really never is wrong...

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Should I post the final result here?

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Yeah my thought process was that it destroys the Protagonist's mental state and sets him up for the rest of the story where he has to make cold-hearted decisions, seeing as you can kill the dog or leave it.

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Lol. Never met a baby who likes to pee outside.

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I know about the whole rating system, I was just wondering if I needed to put a discloser or something in the description, most other sites I visit use that stuff which is part of the reason I left them and stayed here. I haven't been on here in a while (a year?) and only just got back on around Christmas.

Too Grotesque? on 1/28/2021 12:05:58 PM

So in my new story I'm making, it involves a dog death early in the game and has blood, blood, and more blood. Is there anything to watch out for or is it all free rein?

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I don't know what I was expecting when I clicked on this page, but man, this got deep.