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I am working on a new story game and it's so hard :p


Damn Zombies!


Some stupid scientist managed to create a zombie virus which is spreading everywhere. One zombie managed to get into your house and steal your condoms! Get them back before the zombie uses the whole pack, then make your wife eat your  cock, because there are too much chickens in your farm.   ( A cock is a male chicken you sicko!)

Stranded: Chapter 1

You just about had it with life. Your grades are low, your parents are evil, and life just sucks. After a big fight with your parents, your dad ends up beating the shit out of you. You run away to your friend and tell him to follow you. Without much to loose, your loyal best friend runs after you. You tell him of your plans to leave. A small ship headed for England is to depart soon. You knew this for a week, just waiting for the day. You show the ticket lady the two tickets you had hidden from your parents. After a horrible accident on the ocean, you wake up on a snowy island with little memory of the incident. You realize that you and your friend may be the only ones alive. So come, lets see where your adventure leads you, in Stranded: Chapter 1.

Snowy Island

Things to know: 1. Please do remember this is only my second story game, therefore it might not be very good and might have a few errors. 2. Remember that all variables are better when at a higher number, for example, a thirst of 50 is better than a thirst of 20. 3. Your score is influenced by your actions, and can reach a peak maximum of 10000. 4. There are many endings, honorable deaths, and successful finishes. 5. I will be working on the next chapter if this becomes somewhat successful. Please let me know if you guys want a sequel to this and some suggestions on what it needs would be helpful. :) 6. Please do enjoy as I have worked very hard on this project, and thank you!