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I'm no writer but a narrator. If you see an error here or there pardon me for that mistake. I come here pretty often just to continue this long story game I'm making.


Forest Pals

Follow Flint the fox and friends as they live their daily lives in a town named Central Woods and then completely take a turn for an adventure for a lifetime.

In every three or more side quests there will be the main quest. While the side quests can change very little to none to the story (mainly tutorials and introductions), the main quests can change the story completely and can lead you to death, death of party members, loss of resolve or others.

It may not look like what the maturity level is but in the later parts, it's going to contain gore.


You have been sent for a diplomatic meeting to the Kingdom up North east. However, if you come back for no more than 30 days the king will bring a team (and himself) to escort you back to the kingdom and reduce your pay to 50%.

But since you're his most loyal and best friend since his birth, you'll just be escorted if that did happen. Along with your companions of course.

The Vigilantes

All street names, city names and other names are completely fictional. If something or someone has any name like the ones in this game is coincidental and probably will become a hero in the future. Do not take this seriously because I just wanted to have fun and not take in the seriousness of life. The night is young and so is my brain