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I am a college sophomore who is interested in expanding my writing capabilities through interactive adventures. While I am majoring in Geosciences/Physics, I love studying military history during my free time and have several edu-tainment projects in the works. My hope is that these projects will help me better contexualize what I've learned and give others insight into different periods of history.

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The First Manassas

Background: Following Lincoln's election in 1860, seven states chose to secede from the Union, forming the Confederate States of America. These states would elect their own president, a Mississippi senator by the name of Jefferson Davis and establish their Capital in Richmond, Virginia.

In the Spring of 1861, the Confederacy finally decided to act, firing on a small fort just outside of Charleston Harbor, South Carolina. This would quickly be known as the Battle of Fort Sumter, which would officially mark the beginning of the American Civil War. Soon after, four more would states secede from the Union.

Immediately following this attack, Lincoln called for the enlistment of 75,000 volunteers who would each serve for 90 days. Jefferson Davis soon followed suite calling for the enlistment of 100,000 volunteers.

The Current Situation

Union: It is now July of 1861. Morale is high in the North as most people, including the president, expect a quick victory. Lincoln understands that most of his army lacks proper training and organization, but assumes that his opponent is in a similar position. The commanding general of the Union Army, Irvin McDowell, is pressured to march out of Washington with the largest army yet seen on the America Continent to confront and crush the Confederate forces.

Confederates: Much of the Confederacy is expecting a quick war that will win them their independence. Morale is high amongst the army and many cheerfully gather at Manassas Junction expecting an easy victory. However, within inner circles, government officials and generals understand that victory must be won quickly or they will not survive. They understand that the South cannot sustain an extended war as it would drain both their supplies and manpower. Therefore, the goal is to score a series of victories in order to cripple Union morale and force diplomacy back on the table. Recent intelligence has indicated that the Union army is now marching out of DC towards the Confederate position at Manassas Junction.

The first major confrontation of the war is about to commence. Who will you fight for and will you prevail?

This game allows you to take the role of various people, allowing you to command the battle from a range of views (Army, Divison, Brigade, and Individual Soldier's perspective). Every role is unique and will provide a different experience. For a smoother gameplay experience, maps are drawn to illustrate your tactical decisions.

Battles covered in this game:

-The First Manassas/The First Battle of Bull Run

-The Battle of Hoke's Run

-The Battle of Blackburn's Ford

Notice: While this game sticks close to it's historical roots, creative liberties have been taken for the sake of a more entertaining experience. There are numerous hypothetical situations that attempt to create a "what-if" situation based off of the choices of the player.

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Civil War game ideas on 2/8/2018 1:34:01 PM

I admit your right. It’s definitely not the best part of the civil war to choose from, however, I’m going to try to add some risk into the game by having fictional(what-if) routes included in the game.

Civil War game ideas on 2/7/2018 12:02:36 AM

Thanks for the idea. I might use him for a later game if my Fort Sumter game goes well!

Civil War game ideas on 2/6/2018 10:15:13 PM

10/10. Although I don't intend to use that idea, it still made my day!


Civil War game ideas on 2/6/2018 10:02:06 PM

I've started making a game where you can play as the Union or the Confederates during the Battle of Ft. Sumter. Does anyone have any ideas for a realistic, but fictional what-if kind of scenario? All ideas welcome!

(If I like the idea, I may implement it into the game. Your username will pop up on the page where your idea is used.)