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Made an "unofficial" command line interface on 5/18/2022 9:01:46 AM

I've made an unofficial command line interface for the chooseyourstory.com website, not sure if this is against the rules or anything but just thought to share since it's a pretty simple proof of concept and doesn't really serve a purpose other than being able to play the story games from the command line.

Currently only supports games with basic choices only ( no inventory system or stuff like that), and requires changing the code to change the story game.

Those interested can check it out here https://github.com/damakuno/cys-cli . You would also need to build it from source, and it's built for linux currently (windows is supported too but you need to change some options in the code for puppeteer). You would require Node.js and npm to build it. If you need help getting it to work feel free to ask here or message me here.

It defaults to the game "Eternal" by EndMaster.