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My name is Lucas. I am from canada. I like, This website, and some games from My favourite books are Percy Jackson, and Harry Potter. Did I forget to mension i'm blind?

That's my profile.

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Mommy, can I go out and kill tonight?
Ground zero
Dead Man Walking
The Order of the Midnight Son
Dungin Stompidge
The Homo Perfectous series

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Burka Zurka
JJJ Thebanisher

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messing around with the editor

This is just me messing around with variables, scripts, items, etc.

unpublished , coauthor

its a game awesome choose your story and have fun

The Bet
You are the most attractive girl in school. Your friends bet you 50 dollars that you couldn't kiss 10 boys in a week. The reason they made this bet is because you are very shy and you can hardly look at a boy let alone kiss one, or ten for that matter. This is my first game and I read in an article start small, so that's what I'm doing. This will be advanced but there will be no use of scripting other than some variable changes and $pagetext. Variables and items will be used though.

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Advanced Stuff on 2/16/2014 9:21:44 AM
No nothing happens if you make your first game advanced. I should know as I've only tried the basic editor once and it deffinitly wasn't my first game I made.

Really anoying scripting ishue on 2/12/2014 1:24:51 PM
Sorry I haven't replied to this sooner, but I'm not coming on as often now and just kind of forgot about it. I am using internet explorer, I think 10? And I'm not saying it disappears when I close the editor, it also disappears when I Close the script box an reopen it.

Really anoying scripting ishue on 1/30/2014 4:30:36 PM
Hi, There is a really annoying scripting ishue for me. When I press the validate button, it shows the airers if there are any, but then clears the edit field. This also happens when I close and reopen a script. It's getting to the point where I'm considering putting all my scripts in a text file and then if it clears I can just paste it back in.

Chapters and Links on 1/26/2014 5:40:03 PM
Set a link restriction and if you have the item the link is not clickable but if you don't have it then it is clickable I think

Chapters and Links on 1/26/2014 4:42:12 PM
Well if you want them to have access at all itmes, why not just make items or something like "Food Store" or something like that.

P1mp My Storygame on 1/21/2014 7:19:28 PM
I can't say I'm an absolute pro at scripting, but I can do variable changes, $itemstate stuff, $pagetext stuff, and I could probably do $dest scripts too, so I could probably help you a little bit. I still haven't really gotten the hang of doing variables in $pagetext scripts yet though. Doing variable changes with scripts is, at least for me, much easier then doing them with the variable changes button as long as your doing something simple for example: %SCORE := %SCORE + 10.

Looking for koauthors on 1/21/2014 6:38:23 PM
Hi, I'm looking for coauthors for a game. The title is Run Away. In the game, you are a boy who's parent's abuse him and he decides to run away. You can pm me or reply to this topic if you are interested

Mobile non-linear storygame with RPG elements on 12/30/2013 6:09:34 PM
Hi, This sounds cool. Could I have a promo code?

Random variable question on 12/30/2013 6:05:09 PM
Hi, How do I make it so that a random number is picked between 7 and 20 in my storygame?

color of page title on 12/21/2013 7:36:37 PM
The second link doesn't work