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Apocalyptia Advanced!!!!!!

Second try I took all of your comments on my last game to heart I completed the story this time revamped my entire storyline and added plot ,theme and character customization. I also added a Unique to this sight (Hopefully, and comment if i'm wrong) Faction system with armor specific to that faction and special items for choosing that faction. I also made it less linear and more player choice oriented.

             The story is about your character who wakes up in an area of your choosing and can either follow that faction or set off in search of the other factions or start one of his own and bring the others to there knees. This is all about player choice. Do you stay in this nice safe vault with the guys that gave you armor and a gun or do you abandon them in the hopes that the world above isn't totally screwed this and more make this game awsome in my eyes and if you want anything added , like it and want a sequal or just plain want to tell me what you don't like about it and I will happilly change it if I can. I know my spelling sucks so just deal with it you cry babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


El Presidente
A country decision making game for beginners and yes my spelling sucks but you are a bunch of whining mouthbreathing screwheads if you complain about it!!!!1

Your Country your choice

Warning the emperor path is the only one currently done.I have not finished the others i just want to see if it is a good idea and there are a few spelling errors and grammar mistakes you can point them out if you want and I will try to fix them and any no-where leading paths. Please tell me if I should finish it. And please feel free to right one like mine PLEase feel free to! First one I actually put time into I spent 5 days on the first 3 years as  EMPEROR which is the only pickable one by the way






I have been playing several games on several different devices and i have noticed that all the ruling of a country in it is either really short or involves managing cities no sit on your thrown for the game with occassional escapades or invading another country with your army and have them attack. For example fable 3 yes you made like 8 choices wow i really enjoyed my 5 minutes of ruling this game is all about ruling your country no 8 choices and then you have everything end. This is set on a world similiar to midieval earth. Where there are subtle undertones of magic and forces more powerful than you. Be emperor, Monarch, or President. Benovalant leader or Evil dictator you need to win the loyalty of your people in any way possible. Yes as emperor before you make decisions you must secure your empire.