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I really enjoy writing and hope to improve my writing by looking at some of the other games on this site. Though I'm working on a story right now, I will probably spend most of my time on this website rating and playing storygames, dueling, and chatting on the forums. =)

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A Spy Story

You are not doing so well financially, and you need more money. And then you meet a shady figure, who offers you a new line of work, one that provides a high pay. But just how far are you willing to go to keep from going broke?

Depending on how this story is rated I will decide whether or not to continue the story with another mission. This is my first story so please don't be too critical of it. =)

 Disclaimer: The group you encounter in the story turns out to be different in different scenarios. If they turn out to be bad guys in one ending, that doesn't mean they are criminals in every story. All depends on your choices.

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Aww, thx. Hope ur talking about me...that's what I try to do, but sometimes I don't post for a long time...

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Ikr! what an original name.

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Awww, phooey! frown

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Level 16

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Wait, when are the final rap battles???

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We don't mind, Briar. Just PM me when (if ever) you want to continue TOR. cheekyAgain, sorry about your grandma. =(

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Take your time, Briar. =) Sorry about your Grandma.

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Puzzle, you've already lost this fight.

Really, your bark is worse than your bite.

You're arrogance is both bold and brash

And soon enough, you'll be reduced to ash.