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Janq's Fine Dining


Sure, stuck between an abandoned state armory and a decrepit laundromat, owned by a half goblin, half human, it doesn't seem too special.

It gets a decent amount of customers, usually tourists stopped at the outskirts of the capital to grab a quick bite before leaving. Regular old timers. The cash you make is enough to sustain the average citizen and his family, enough to live a comfortable middle class living. A respectable job, anyone would say, if you weren't secretly the business head of a front for the biggest criminal organization in the Republic of Yallen.

You organize meetings, store weaponry, give valuable intel gained from unsuspecting state officials coming in for a quick meal, and serve ordinary thugs, corrupt politicians, high ranking bosses, rebels, and enemies of the state, all from the front register of the only open establishment on Wick Lane, situated in the outer edges of the capital city.

You go along with the shady and unpredictable world of crime, shoving your morals and ethics under fat wads of cash and forged tax documents. That is, until a Internal Security Bureau officer pokes his head inside one fateful day, shattering all hopes of a not-so-regular life of complying with your bosses and hoping they'll let you retire one day.

He offers you a choice. Cooperate with him, help him build his case on the Mardino Brotherhood, and he'll protect you... and propel you to the top of the very organization you hope to leave some day.

Another choice not really yours to make.. and another twist in your life you're not sure you really wanted, going to a destination you're not sure you want to arrive at. You just hope you don't fall even lower down on the way.

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Can someone criticize this small excerpt? on 3/3/2022 1:26:55 PM
It's still a rough draft. I just want to make sure it makes sense. - You look into the dark purplish night. It's chiller than average for the summer, occasional winds rushing over you and cooling your skin. You think you made the moral choice, not sacrificing your only real "friend" for something that can be easily accomplished later. "You know," you say, "You never really told me how you joined the brotherhood." "Me?" Syth chuckles. "Grew up homeless. Used to take banana scraps off the garbage lids, lick off whatever residue was still on the inside of the peel. Mama told me to stay in this one location, you know, while she worked. A block. Busy street, but not too crowded. Easy for me to stay unnoticed. By most people, of course." He pauses. "Used to walk whichever way the crowd was going, then turned back. Got really good at acting like I needed to get somewhere. Banged shoulders, glared at people moving too slow. Few business owners took an interest, surprisingly. One kid, standing around in a shop all day, all winter.. guess it attracts attention. Fingers used to look like red carrots when I took a break outside to avoid suspicion. Those business owners started giving me little bits of food, clothing. Leftovers. That's when mama came up and moved me to a new block." He seems to be deep in thought. "So how'd you, y'know, get in?" you inquire.

Problem with story description on 3/1/2022 3:40:56 PM
When I preview it, it doesn't add the paragraph breaks and simply shows as one long block of text. Is there something I'm doing wrong