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Hi! It's icy here! I'm just here to move on with my dream of making anime-like stories!


Demon slayer: Sakura's mission

this is a fanfiction RPG for the anime "demon slayer." it is really more of a story than a game. You are a person named Sakura living in the time after Tanjiro's heroics. You get captured and lose your memory. The whole story is you trying to regain all of your memories. It is really long and not even close to finished. There are around 5 endings and 2 of them result in death. You will know when you get the real ending because it will bring you to an epilogue.

Will of the Gods

Elementals, descendants of the chosen ones, mortals gifted with the power of the gods. They were once praised and treated like royalty. But soon the public grew scared of them, scared of their power. Soon all elementals were banished or used as slaves, seen as the devils' spawn. You, a young and useless slave, had your village raided at a young age. Your village was raided by RED (rouge elementals district) and they took you with them in hopes to train you.

5 years later, a group of rouge elementals called Fushigina appears seamlessly out of nowhere searching for a special grade item called the Crown of Tartara, given to the king of Sanom by the god of life herself, Parthenya. Embark on a journey to stop Fushigina and find out the mysteries of Fushigina, RED, elementals, and the gods themselves.



depictions of death, depression, and other topics not suitable for anyone under 18!