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The action of potentiometer and wiring mode, potentiometer application occasion, choose principle

One, potentiometer introduction

Potentiometer WTH118 2M2 is a kind of component, in the circuit application is very extensive, can be used alone in the circuit, also can be used together with other electronic components and constitute the electronic circuit that has all sorts of functions. The circuit symbol of potentiometer WTH118 1M is "RP", potentiometer has a lot of actually, for instance electromagnetism furnace potentiometer, adjustable potentiometer, carbon film potentiometer WTH118 680K, vertical potentiometer, single couplet/double couplet potentiometer, single ring/much ring potentiometer, patch potentiometer, sealed type potentiometer, precision potentiometer.

1, potentiometer structure composition

Take the rotary potentiometer WTH118 560K as an example to illustrate the internal structure of the potentiometer, as shown in the figure below, the potentiometer structure consists of resistance body, sliding arm, sliding end, shaft, handle, welding plate and so on. A, B and C are three welds, among which the resistance value between A and C is the total resistance value of the potentiometer WTH118 470K. One end of the sliding end is connected with the welding sheet B, and the other end is in close contact with the resistance body. The resistance value between A-B and B-C changes when the sliding end is changed. This is a kind of three-legged potentiometer WTH118 330K, its two sides of the foot is its full resistance, the middle foot is sliding node, power supply from both sides of a foot access, from the middle foot lead, you can get as the middle foot rotation and change the voltage or other changes.

Look at the potentiometer, A, B, C three solder corresponding to 1, 2, 3 terminals, potentiometer will have A resistance, the resistance indicated above is the total resistance of potentiometer WTH118 220K, potentiometer is B500K, indicating that the total resistance is 500K, After connecting the wire according to the wiring diagram, you only need to rotate the sliding end to get different WTH118 150K resistance values (resistance values vary from 0 to 500K).

Two, the main parameters of potentiometer WTH118 100K

The parameter of potentiometer has a lot of, coefficient of resistance of value of rotating Angle, nominal, temperature, rated power, error range, slip noise, wear resistance, zero resistance. Among them, rated power, nominal resistance, allowable error, resistance change law, temperature coefficient are five more important parameters are also the primary consideration when choosing WTH118 68K potentiometer

1. Rated power

The rated power of the potentiometer WTH118 47K is the maximum power consumption allowed by long-term continuous load under the specified rated temperature, which is the maximum power consumption allowed by the total resistance of the WTH118 33K potentiometer. When selecting the potentiometer, if the current limiting effect is used, it is necessary to pay attention to the rated power of the WTH118 22K potentiometer if it exceeds the power of the actual application;

2. Nominal resistance

Nominal resistance is a more important parameter of potentiometer WTH118 15K, general potentiometer will indicate how much resistance value on the surface, this is the nominal resistance of WTH118 10K potentiometer;

3. Allow error

Allow error is to consider potentiometer resistance value size allows up and down resistance value difference, not the error is smaller, want you to need according to actual circuit, the circuit with strict requirements to the circuit needs to use precision potentiometer WTH118 6K8, potentiometer error level generally 20%, 10%, 5%, for precision potentiometer error is smaller;

4. Resistance change rule

The law of resistance change is to refer to what kind of change law the resistance follows when the WTH118 5K6 potentiometer rotates. Many potentiometers show linear specifications, exponential laws, or other one-time function relations;

5. Temperature coefficient

Potentiometer WTH118 5K1 also is component, can have established working temperature limits, such ability assures circuit reliability.

Three, the role of potentiometer

Potentiometer WTH118 4K7 has a lot of types, the action function of different potentiometer can be all different, but general potentiometer can have 3 basic effects

1, the first role: current control

Some of the current control belongs to the precision potentiometer WTH118 3K3, only in this way the current value will get more accurate value, the current output end is selected sliding contact lead end, the potentiometer can be used to control the current size;

2, the second role: distribution voltage

Using the nearly linear relationship between resistance and voltage, adjusting the WTH118 2K2 resistance value can adjust the voltage distribution relationship, achieve stepless adjustment of output voltage, such as in the humidifier and other aspects;

3, the third role: change resistance

When the circuit needs to input the parameters of resistance resistance value can be used potentiometer WTH118 1K, when the potentiometer connected into both ends of the device, the potentiometer in the range of travel can obtain a smooth continuous change of resistance value, then the WTH118 470R potentiometer is to change the role of resistance. For example, in humidity control, resistance values are displayed by controlling the different humidity.

Four, potentiometer application

Potentiometer WTH118 680R is widely used, in many products will be applied, in power products, such as: switching power supply, UPS power supply, high-frequency switching power supply, inverse frequency power supply, charger, frequency converter and so on to use blue and white fine adjustable potentiometer, precision potentiometer; In home appliances, such as induction cooker, humidifier, air conditioning, range hood, lighting, electric fan and other small household appliances control board; On communication product for example: intercom of equipment of radio, catv, tone station, window can use patch adjustable potentiometer WTH118, iron case potentiometer to wait a moment.