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Poetry Prompts - Week 4

5 years ago
Commended by JJJ-thebanisher on 2/5/2017 2:15:46 PM

This week's topic: Anything At All. 

Believe it or not, but this is already the fourth of these prompty thingies. While I usually give a random prompt to more or less force you to practise writing about topics you might not necessarily be familiar with, I thought it'd also be nice to give you some freedom to choose your own topic. So this week, write about something you want to write about, no strings attached. Though it would be nice if you'd incorporate some of the optional requirement tips from the previous weeks. 


This week's optional requirement: Write your poem in Blank Verse.

The past two weeks, we have been focusing on types of rhyme. This week, I'm going to ask you to disregard rhyming altogether. Blank verse is one of those classic forms of poetry that are ubiquitous in the English language, but are still nice to try once in a while. (As a matter of fact, some of my favourite poems are written in blank verse.) 

Basically, blank verse is a form of poetry whereby the lines don't rhyme, but which is written in metric lines (for a short reminder, see week one's prompt). The standard metric scheme is iambic pentameter (five pairs of iambs, unstressed-stressed 'da-dum' syllables), but I guess you could diverge from that to a certain degree if you feel it's too 'classical'. An example for this week's prompt could for example be: 

When there is nothing left for me to find 
And no discovery is left unmade,
When all the triumphs have turned trivial 
And all accomplishments have been achieved,
I hope I shall find blissful peace at last

The stressed syllables are thereby bolded. (I still have quite a lot of deadlines coming up, as you also might've noticed from the above...) 

As opposed to other forms of poetry, blank verse does not have a set length, or a set structure beyond the use of a metric scheme. This means that, similarly to this week's topic, you can decide for yourself how long you want to make it. Want to write an epic? You can do it in blank verse. Want to write four lines about a random brain fart? Also possible in blank verse. 

So that's all for this week, and all you need to remember for this optional requirement is: 

Blank verse: A poem that doesn't rhyme, but is metrical.

Have fun writing!

Poetry Prompts - Week 4

5 years ago

@Bannerlord @Crescentstar @Orange @Mizal @Lancelot @Mayana @Betaband @Kwism1127 @Leoscales7 @bbshark @Drew8521

Here's the updated point list, please correct me if anything's wrong. I also have some feedback for last week's poems, but I'm unfortunately a bit short on time this weekend as well, so I'll get back to you somewhere in the following days. 

Leoscales7:    6
Mayana:        6
Orange:     5
Bannerlord:    4
Crescentstar:    2
Kwism1127:    2
Bbshark:    1
Betaband:    1
Lancelot:    1

As always, giving feedback is encouraged, but please don't reply to the entries directly if they're not edit-locked, so people can still change them if they want to.

Poetry Prompts - Week 4

5 years ago

I'm sorry if you've already answered this, but if we go back to previous prompts and do those, do we still get th points for it?

Poetry Prompts - Week 4

5 years ago

I haven't answer this yet, I think, but I have been thinking about it. You're free to post in any of the previous threads if you want to. Unfortunately, for administrative purposes (as in, I can barely keep count of one thread at a time) I will only be awarding points for the most recent week. When I post a new prompt, you can't get points for the old ones anymore. 

However, as I have mentioned previously, the points are a gimmick and don't actually matter. These things are just for fun/ (hopefully a little bit of) learning, and if you post in a previous thread and want some feedback, I'd be glad to give you some (with some very probable delays), and I'm sure others will at well. 

Poetry Prompts - Week 4

5 years ago

Okie thx ^-^

Poetry Prompts - Week 4

5 years ago
I should only have 5 points, not 6. I didn't complete the optional requirement last week.

Poetry Prompts - Week 4

5 years ago

Oops, my bad, thanks for pointing it out. I think I got confused after the 'cut my wings, no way to fly' line and imagined/misremembered some other forms of alliteration as well :P

Poetry Prompts - Week 4

5 years ago
Tranquil sleepings of lofty webbed forests;

Drops of chill and blue, liquid silver chorus;

Inks of darkness, tiny winged flying things;

Wistful wisps of wintery dreams;

My dreams.

Poetry Prompts - Week 4

5 years ago

(A/N: I tried to use iambic pentameter but I'm unaware of how successful it was)

The Intruder

Alone and scared, she hid beneath the quilt
Her heart was set aflutter when she saw
Lurking shadows hiding behind the door
It creaked and groaned as it slowly opened
The intruder walked into the small room
A slight grin placed upon the man within
Tonight, tonight, she'd taste great pain again

Poetry Prompts - Week 4

5 years ago

(I'm feeling a tad bit down, so you can have my little bundle of, poorly constructed, angst.)

Explain how, how, discretion can be used,

When you are the sole reason for my pain?

Do explain how I rest, longingly

thinking of you? Do I explain how I

Accept the burden, unrequited and

yet so close to each other? Should it be

that I tell how I loath completely your

companion - partner - at your side? No, I

will keep this pain myself; how love is strange . . .


Poetry Prompts - Week 4

5 years ago

This poem's been removed for now, as I've submitted an edited version for a contest. May put up something else in the near future. 

Poetry Prompts - Week 4

5 years ago
(I'm not attempting blank verse; I don't particularly feel into it right now. xD)

Images of my past lives
And this current one
Flash by,
They are
Breaking my old heart
And breaking my sour soul.
Missing the happiness from before,
I can't see anything.
All the visions
Fade away,
I'm lost
In this darkness
That is my mind;
Afraid to move onto death.
Gripping life so selfishly tightly—
There is something worth
Living and loving.
You are
You are
The bright sun.
You are the oceans.
You are holding me together.
With you, everything is okay.
You make life seem
Worth the pain.
I can't
I'm breathing,
And I'm flying.
My eyes open wide.
I see sunshine and tears.