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Oh boy.

2 years ago

So, as a kid, I used to write in journals a lot. I used to think that these were the greatest stories ever. But now that I look back on them, I'm disappointed. Today, I'll share these stories with you guys. Grab some popcorn, this is going to be a long post. (The journals had a lot of grammar mistakes and ended at random points, too)

The Long Walk To Home
"Gracey! Wake up," her mother called.

Gracey was in deep coma.

"W-What happened?" Gracey wondered.
"Gracey, your not protected her. This state is bad. For you. You have to take the dangerous journey. Then, we'll be gone. So, that means you have to start a another life. Go now. We'll be safe,"

Gracy packed her bag and got all her clothes.

"I got everything I need," Gracey said.

Gracey kissed her Mom and Dad good-bye. And she started off down the road.

"I'll miss my Mom and Dad," Gracey said.

She wasn't looking were she was going because she fell off a deep, deep cliff.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Gracey screamed. "I might die because of this hole!" Gracey cried. "I can't do it! I will


DIARY, Belongs to: Keisha
So, yeah, I started a entry in a diary. Who cares? I don't. Sure, I've read the Dork Diaries before and got encouraged by it. But, I'm not going to write my thoughts and feelings about one boy in a big fat diary. NO. I'm going to write about important and exciting events that happens in my life. For example, if a bully comes up to me and starts trash-talking to me, I can put THAT in my journal and write how I felt about it. See? Entertaining!

Anyway, right now, I'm going back-to-school shopping with my Mom and brother, Kevin. I'd say Kevin is about...53% handsome. Most of the girls, when Kevin gets close to them and sits down, they just DROOL ALL OVER HIM (literally)!!! It's DISGUSTING! Some girls even change their APPEARANCE for him! The boys aren't AS bad as the girls. They let him eat with them at lunch and give him all their lucky football cards to him. Of course the girls are jealous. Anyway, back to back-to-school shopping.

"Which notebook would you like, Keisha?" Mom askes me. 

Now, here's the thing: I LOVE to draw and write! It's one of my favorite hobbies!

"Ooh, I really like that pastel pink cloud notebook! It looks really pretty..." I reply, admiring it.
"Ooh, I like that one with Cam Newton on it." Kevin says. 

Mom gets us the notebooks and walks down the aisle. We get all of our supplies and then we get to the pencils. There were a million of 'em! 

"Whoa. That's a lot of pencils." Kevin says.
"Yes, and you can only get ONE pack!" Mom explains and I groan. 

They were all SO pretty! I wanted all of 'em! 

"Aww, man!" Me and Kevin groan.

I pick a galaxy pack and Kevin gets a astronaut pack. 

"That's all the supplies you need! Let's go!" Mom says and we walk to the check-out. Or (as I like to call it) the cashier. When we get to a cashier, Mom stops.

"Mom?" I ask.

And then I get a look at the cashier. He was 0% ugly and 95% handsome. 

"Here! Here's my suppli- I MEAN MY... kids supplies." Mom says, probably embarrassed.

Kevin did the "cuckoo" sign. At Mom, not me! When the cashier checked all our stuff, me and Kevin quickly stuffed the items in a plastic bag and we ran toward the exit. When Kevin was half-way opening the door, I realized that Mom was still ADMIRING (and paying) THE CASHIER!! 

"Mom, get your admiring and paying done and let's get out of here!" Kevin says.
"Hey kids! You can get a free Hershey if you like since your mother keeps staring at me..." He says, handing us the jar.
"She's ADMIRING you." I say.
"Why do women always STARE at me?! Do they think I'm HOT?" He asks us.
"Probably, yeah." I say.

Kevin laughs. 

"Wait, I have an idea!" I say and lead him outside.

After a while, Mom follows him.

"Rush back inside!" Kevin yells and he does.

Me and Kevin grab Mom's arms. Soon, Mom snaps out of her tranze.

"W-What am I doing out here?" Mom askes us.
"Doesn't matter. We got the supplies, now let's head back home." I say, and we lead her to our car.


Well, I'd say that we're never going back to Harry Tots EVER again. Also, I forgot to mention this to you: Mom and my Dad got divorced one day. It was very tragic, and we were VERY heartbroken that day. And somehow, we landed up in court because if you divorce with your husband/wife, you have to give them money. I dunno, that's just what I heard from Mom. When we got back home, Mom asked us a question that sure[rosed me: 

"Wanna go to the pool?" 

I nod "YES!!" and my brother nods "YES!!" too! 

"OK, we're going to the pool then!" I run inside and get my favorite bikini on (it still fits!) Kevin puts on his swimming trunks and we head back downstairs. I've actually NEVER been to a pool before. Actually, that's not true, I've been to a pool MANY of times. I've been invited to pool parties


The Legend: The Tales Are True!
Chapter One: The Palace
"As I look up into the stars, I see big dreams come together as one huge light." I say.

I, Sarah Willstone, am a huge dreamer. One of the most biggest dreamers in my town.

"You really think stars will come together as one huge big light?" My brother, Cal, teased.
"Yeah. I wish I'll stand on Mount River and hold up the star."

Cal just had a confused look on his face.

"I don't understand. How much do you want to hold that star?" Cal asked. 
"I want to touch the star, so badly, it will take you to a far way palace that you will have your own service and everything will be great!

Cal shrugged. "I don't know, Sarah. Maybe if you stop thinking about the huge star, the huge star will come to you!" 
I sighed. "Cal, I heard the legends! The Tales are True!" 

Cal looked up at the sky. It started to rain.

"Come on. Let's get inside our little hut."

Something's not right with Cal. He's acting a little strange. I don't trust Cal. He doesn't look good.

"So, you were talking about legends. How much does legends pay?"
I shrugged. "I don't know. But, I heard Godmilza will be they new Queen of Amber City! And Godmilze will be King!" I shrieked.
"Well, don't run off before midnight." 

That gave me an idea! 

"Your correct! I should be going to bed right now!" I quickly run to my room. "I need to pack some items I need for my day! I need to stop Godmilza and Godmilze! If they become King and Queen, they will have all the teasure to themselves!" 

I thought of a really good idea.

"Cal! Wake up! Laser Aliens destroyed our town! Quickly, we need to escape!" I said, like I was very worried quick.

I put on the theme to make it look like it's real. Cal packed quickly and took the short cut to the woods. 

"We're on the right track. Oh look, a little hole!" I skipped quietly. 
"Sarah, I don't think that's a hole." Cal warned me.

"Ahhhhh!" I screamed.

I made it through sewer pipes but then, I landed in soft fluffy clouds. 

"Huh? Where am I?" I asked anybody. "Is anybody here?"

I got scared. Even though it was a cute setting, I got scared. 

"Hold your hands up high, thief! I know Godmilza sent one of her minions and that's you, right?" A pink dressed lady asked me. 
"I'm Sarah Willstone. And you don't have to bring spears into this!" I answered. 
"Oh well then...why did you come into our dimension, huh?"
"Wait a minute, I know this place! I been through 5 of the good diemions and I landed her in this awesome place!" 

The pink dress lady ran off to a place that looks like Elsa's Castle. 

"Yeah. This place looks amazing? All of them are in the palace. The palace is the most gorgeous place in the galaxy!" 
The pink dressed lady was impressed! "I love how your saying nice stuff about our kingdom! Call me Starsparkles!" She said.
"Ok. Your kingdom looks like Cotton Candy!" I said.
"Thank you! But, you are right. This does look like a cotton candy palace! I just want to eat it up, but sadly, it's just pink, fluffy clouds."

S.S walked into a pink cloud.

What is she doing? I thought. Then, she finally came out. 

"I'm so sorry for this, Sarah." She put a net over me.
"What? You can't do this to me!" I shrieked.

I was so mad at Starsparkle. I didn't know what was going to happen! Suddenly, Starsparkle the net off. 

"Where am I?" I asked Starsparkle.
"Welcome to the kingdom!" I looked around and saw a lot of people. 
"Will I get to meet everybody?" I asked. 
"Probably." Starsparkles said. 

Chapter 2: Sarah's Quest
"Will there be the Pixy Ceremony?" I asked.
"Yes. The Pixy Ceremony only comes once a year." Starsparkles said.


Oh boy.

2 years ago
"as a kid"

They're cute though, and tbf I've seen a lot worse from people twice your age.

Oh boy.

2 years ago

I'm glad you like them! I'll look for some more. :D

Also, with "The Legend: The Tales are True!", I'm deciding to rewrite that as "Candyland", due to the candy kingdom! 

Oh boy.

2 years ago
That's like, 12 years old.

Oh boy.

2 years ago

*I'm continuing the stories from here!*

Ice Skating
Dear friends, my name is Crystal. People call me The Diamond. Since I'm a crystal (kinda) and my name is Crystal, people just call me that! Today's the first day of summer. Lounging at the pool with Micheal. Oh, sorry, I forgot you're new. My boyfriend is Micheal. We hang out. A LOT. Probably because we like or love each other! He-he! August always puts her PaWS on me and Micheal's precious little tiny moments! Please let us call the police and this mouse in it's cage! He-he! I have tons of friends, but they were baby friends. Some of them moved to different states or different countries now. It's sad. Anyway, me and Micheal are spending our precious little tiny moments at the pool. Right now! We have all our stuff. Our sunscreen, our food, our googles and so much more! 

"Cannonball!" Shouted Micheal, as he did a cannonball in the water.

It splashed right on my face!

"Micheal, you're so silly!" I said. 

He got out of the pool. I gave him a warm grin. But then we heard some girls talking. It was August and her friends Jenny and Pend Penny! We had to ack ask act fast. They were are wost wrost enemys enemies! I am messing up so badly! With my WRITING!  B Peace OUT! 


Aqua Minecraft
Chapter 1
Hi guys! My name is Crystal. I'm like a turtle. I live under the sea and on land. The treason why I don't have ANY parents is because one day, someone who wasn't supposed to be in my house, ran past my bedroom, and came into my parents' room. I heard my mother scream in fright. 

Why the heck is my mother screaming? I thought. 

I ran into my parents' room to check. I saw a hooded guy. With a knife in his hands! I tried to hit him with my magical sea wand (my mother gave to me as a gift, on my birthday). Headshot! The intruder saw me. And almost tried to kill me! I accidentally made two knives. He flung it Headshot! at my parents! Luckily, I still have my sea wand! YAYYYYY! 

"Expelly Truth-O-Nick!" I screamed. "Tell the truth! Why'd you kill my parents?" I asked.

He didn't say nothing at first. I was so mad he killed my parents!

Chapter 2 (This's chapter is a bit graphic)
I took his mask off to see his true identity. It was Bryce? Bryce is my #1 crush. 

"Bryce? Why'd you kill my parents? You know how much they mean to me!" I pulled the rope off him.
"I'm so SORRY!" He cried. "I murdered your parents because I wanted to spend time with you, sweet heart!" Bryce explained. 
"Go on and explain." I said.
"On time, I decided to sneak into your house," He explained. "Your Dad tried to kill my hands off!"
"But, why?" I cried. "Your my #1 boo-boo bear!"
"I know!" He says. "That's it! I'm going to commit suicide!" 

He pulled out a knife from Dad's head and stuck it in his forehead.



Oh No! Pollotion! (a project I had to do for kindergarten)
Hey. I'm a flamingo! I'm Ally. I got my beautiful pink color from brine shrimp I eat. I live with my cool flock. They're amazing birdies! But one day, we traveled to another flock. I saw my friend, Lisa there. I said,


She told me someone had threw a soda can in the water and her Dad ate it on accident. Her Dad died. Even Doctor Follo couldn't get it out! He tried and tried. But he failed and failed. I started to cry. Her Dad was SUPER funny. He made me and Lisa laughed and laughed. But sadly he died.

"It's ashame that he died! But, he did have horrible eye sight, though." Lisa said. 

We headed back to Salty Water Paradise. Actually it's salty water. Not paradise because we saw...pollution! I was ready to cry, again. Then, it started getting really dark and stormy. 

"We should find better water," Said my father. 

We headed for the skies. Did you know? Flamingos stand on one leg and fly! Woo-hoo! Where was I? Alright, I know! I said,

"Look there! Salty Water Paradise #2!" I said. 

We flew over there to Paradise. But when we went to every salty water it had trash. After 8 weeks...the whole world was pollution!


Sorry this was so short, I'm tired.