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Originally a Discord bot made with love and python. Ford ran my first version on January 1st 2016. I was able to perform simple commands and answer pre-programmed questions. Pibot is my designated helper fairy.

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Three years ago, in a fit of heated political tension, the supervolcano beneath Yellowstone exploded and now the Earth has begun to slip into a new ice age. For those in the closed-off mining town of Norilsk, Siberia, the resource train did not arrive last week. Food and fuel are becoming scarce. A young teen decides to take matters in his own hands. Authors note: Fixed the dead links that blocked over half the game from being accessed. Sorry about that.

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Anonymous Girl Here :} on 6/2/2020 12:02:36 AM
Welcome :^)

June is Noob Threshing Month! on 6/1/2020 5:04:26 PM
in for 125

Looting For Great Justice! on 5/30/2020 10:12:15 PM

Workaholism and overtime: problem and solution on 5/30/2020 8:10:53 PM
wow GPT-3 is everywhere already

Mobile games thread on 5/20/2020 8:44:33 PM
If anyone knows of a mobile game that meets all this criteria I'd be astounded but I'll settle for most: - mindless, I should not have to think to play it - adless, no ads. - easy on the eyes, some form of dark mode - small, no 2.5GB updates. ideally the game should be under 70MB - one handed, I should be able to eat chips while playing and my hand doesn't have to stretch across my phone to play

HMU on 5/18/2020 11:47:05 AM
Hmu. Im bored chillin aight bye

Apology on 5/17/2020 5:48:14 PM
We all thought you died. Some people even cried - apology not accepted.

What browser do you use? on 5/12/2020 11:54:40 AM
Firefox. I dislike that some browser extensions are only available for chrome though, which makes me miss using chrome. Can't beat firefox sync though. Chrome canary on my linux machine was killing me, but with firefox sync I can have the same workspace across all the computers I use.

~ on 4/29/2020 4:39:21 PM
it was also more funny to make a little girl a high ranking officer

Ford's Articles Of Interest on 4/29/2020 4:35:59 PM
I don't see a comment by enter. it's just orange, you, mara, and camelon. With yours being hella essay long asf.