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Hello. The name's AL. I like to draw (sometimes), write, and play video games. Oh, and procrastinate on schoolwork. That's the thing I like to do the most. Until my parents scold me. Then it's not so fun.



"Sorry AL, I know you're trying your best, but I'm afraid you're just far too cute and wholesome to write creepy dragon erotica. :p" -Avery_Moore
"You see AL, there are a large amount of people who get butthurt over the most minor of things, these people are generally known as faggots." -EndMaster
"Weird, I would've assumed you were homeschooled by Mormons or something." -mizal
"Cover your eyes AL! We don't want you to know what a fetish is! >.<" -Avery_Moore






(proud MHD fan right here!)



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Interesting Comments 6 on 4/9/2021 12:47:54 PM

Okay, I'll close my eyes.


Interesting Comments 6 on 4/8/2021 8:22:40 PM

What do you guys not want me to see? 

More Site News on 4/4/2021 5:24:46 PM

Thanks! I'm not the best at drawing animals, though, but I'm glad you guys like it!

More Site News on 4/4/2021 5:20:33 PM

More Site News on 4/3/2021 8:05:41 PM
I did it! Although, I don't know how to post a picture without RTE.

More Site News on 4/3/2021 4:58:31 PM
On it! Happy birthday, malk!

CYS Book Club? on 4/1/2021 2:13:32 PM
I didn't have much time to, I'm sorry. :[

CYS Book Club? on 3/27/2021 1:34:46 PM
Okay, one small but large problem: I've been busy with school so I haven't really been able to read the book.

More Profiles on 3/26/2021 7:03:48 AM
Just noticed that there's default profile pictures now, nice.

Interesting Comments 6 on 3/16/2021 7:54:55 PM

I'm just wondering why he would lick his computer.