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Rain (A Writing Experiment)

4 months ago

Droplets lightly trail down my pale cheek, a shiver erupting from inside of me.  I can feel her moving next to me, her hand failing to find mine, instead just slapping the cold hard pavement next to her.  I faintly hear footsteps retreating away quickly and being accompanied with soft curses and short prayers for forgiveness.  Trembling, my lips form words but my lungs only force out liquid, which simply splatters back onto my face.  The tapping of her nails comforts me.  My phone vibrates in my pocket.  It rings once.  Twice.  Then stops.  Must not have been important.  

My ears are straining as I try to make out any sirens or screams but there is nothing.  Just her continuous tapping.  It must be just us.  I turn my head slightly, a dribble dripping down my dour features, to try and get a good look at her.  Only then do I realize it isn’t night, but rather the stars I see are all in my head.  Her face shines among them and I reach out for her.  I narrowly miss and my thoughts dull for a moment before springing back to clarity. I thrust out blindly in the dark, my clammy fingers wrap around hers and I cling to her.  In silence, I squeeze.  She doesn’t squeeze back.  My sickly laugh causes more of my life to be expelled from my lungs only to crash right back down on top of me like a mock rain.  That’s when I hear a scream and know I’ll be just fine.