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The Dark and the Light

one month ago
At length I awoke to a deep unsettling ringing that did not cease. When I finally rose up and took a gaze around my pitch prison, I discovered that the cell I was housed in was lit by a single dim candle. I immediately felt a deep sense of trepidation flow through me, as I realised that in the vicinity of the dim candle light, I could not procure a vision of a door. I immediately busied myself searching for a chasm that led away from my dreadful prison, but my struggling was all for naught, because I could not discover a chasm that would lead to my freedom.
Could I be going mad? Have I stoked someone's animosity so severely that it was thought that I deserve this? At length, I decided the disembodied voice wanted me.
I finally broke out of my state of obstinate wonder, and hurried myself to investigate this unnerving voice.
I walked all around my stone clad tomb to find a source of the voice. At length I discovered a brass tube that was emitting strange chanting. But it wasn't chanting, it was music, a very dark kind of music, the kind to chill you, or drive you to lunacy… whichever comes first.
As I lay down on the cold damp floor I closed my eyes, to sleep in the diverted lunacy of this godforsaken prison
At length I awake in a bright, empty, chamber. I can’t quite remember the last time I quelled my hunger, now that I ponder the thought, have I really ever eaten? I suppose you can consider those holiday dinners “food” but I would protest and call you mad! Because that damned food was a horrible doppelganger of a decent meal! All because I was in a madhouse most of my godforsaken existence! But we all suffer from lunacy in our lives!
As I looked around I discovered the source of the light. A corpse lit ablaze in a sulfur pit. Did I feel frightened? No, not particularly. But what scared me most, was the fact that the corpse looked exactly like myself… what a queer sight that was.

Hullo my friends! You just read my attempt at writing in nothing but "big" and complicated words. To be fair, I dont particually like this piece, but please criticize me to your hearts content!

The Dark and the Light

one month ago

Quite the queer story this was.