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Loser's Bracket

one year ago
This is the battle for third place.

I was going to try and find a prompt that would be difficult for both of these guys, but since they're at such opposite extremes I realized the best I'd be able to manage would be middle ground.

Then I thought I should make them write horror again as a punishment for sucking too much the first time. But do our lovely voters who have endured so much really want another set of horror stories?

No, I will be merciful. Let's just do something that's fun and easy.

The genre is sci-fi. In this story, humanity is colonizing its first alien planet. As always the theme is still pretty open, and this can take place at any point in the process; still on Earth, during the journey, on the planet itself, whatever you come up with.

Deadline is 11:59pm CST, December 2nd.


Don't fuck it up.