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Sentinel's Meme Museum: End-of-Year Exhibition

10 months ago

The old thread was getting a little, I dunno, HUGE, so I decided to make a new one. But there will always be a link to the previous one, for posterity.


And here's some miscellaneous 2021 memes to ring out the old year with.

Old meme about older memes, the Metameme

CYS Conspiracy Iceberg

You can't fuck with a japanese exorcist?

Ford creating the Minecraft Server:

Sentinel's Meme Museum: Interactive Exhibits!

10 months ago

Here's some little image games I made. Of them, the political chart was probably the most painful because I didn't know how to make square grids in GIMP so I ended up making the whole thing by hand.

Royal Game of Ur:

Loose instructions:


Political Chart:

Guess Whomst? tablets:

These are lineups of street gangs from the totally original game of "GUESS WHOMST?", where you pick one of several DASTARDLY criminals from one (or more) of these VICIOUS STREET GANGS, and ask a series of yes or no questions in order to find the culprit of the dastardly crime that your opponent is covering up for. Playable by up to two people at once!


10 months ago

A Gryllus Goblin:

A Gryllus Goblin about to attack (very deadly)

The Mind Goblin (Speak his name and he will appear)

The Brass Goblin (don't reach into a jar he might be living in)

The Sitting Goblin (All things considered, pretty ok guy.)

The Knife Goblin (Do not mess)

The Smoking Goblin (disregards respiratory health)

Jewel-taking Goblin (takes jewels)

Darkspawn's Jar Goblin (It'll give you Lumbago)

Darkspawn's Desk Goblin (It'll give you Retardo)

The Taco Cave (a normal restaurant in a highly populated area)

Sentinel's Meme Museum: This Defies Categorization

10 months ago

I found this image of a dude holding some bigass pigeons, and I wondered, "man, those are some huge pigeons, is it even possible for pigeons to be that huge?" and I looked into it, and the answer is probably not.

So I came to the conclusion that he actually photoshopped these pigeons in order to look more rich, which was an actual trend in art during the 17-1800s, where they would make livestock look huge and very-particularly-shaped in order to hype up the abundance of the owner or the breeder.

Personally, I respected the art of Pigeon-enlargement more than the art of making animals look square and ugly, so I made this diagram to illustrate that comparison.

Sentinel's Meme Museum: This Defies Categorization

10 months ago

Respecting the pigeon art!


(I hope the bird I edited in is actually a pigeon).

Sentinel's Meme Museum: The Tarantula Napoletana

10 months ago

It all started back when Malk said Subtext Understander in relation to a based youtube video showing a segment of the Sopranos, and I felt as though I had to post a sequel to my History Understander image.

Somewhere along the process of making the mess you see here, I found this image of a stuffed tarantula, and I really came to enjoy making the tarantula increasingly Italian. And I kept him around in case I could make any future things with him.

Of course, my immediate thought was to make an image series that you can post on discord or other mediums where that sort of thing works well

the central idea being, of course, that you can post the middle noodle as many times as you want to hold the witness in suspense for when you're going to post the end of the noodle. And then, when the end of the noodle finally comes, it turns out to be the tarantula, spinning his spaghetti web.

Of course, it all wound up culminating in this dark, sordid tale.

But is this truly the end of our brief time with Tarantula Napoletana? Some would hope so. But only time will tell.

Sentinel's Meme Museum: Pasha Malk, Season Finale

10 months ago

A conversation was being had somewhere on discord, where somebody was like, "I wonder why more vampires aren't dressed up like arab warriors. They already have to cover up to avoid sunlight, I'm surprised more vampires don't know this technique". I had to inform them that many vampires did know this technique, but each and every vampire in the Capybaliphate was put to the sword by none other than His Emminence, (May Allah be pleased with him) so that the only vampires remaining in living memory were from Christendom.

Of course, it did so grieve Malk to banish such a magnificent moustache from the sultanate, so this was the only part of Dracula that remains in the Capybaliphate to this day. On the shelf with many other trophies in his hall of achievement.

Actual photo of Malk banishing his tinder date in the morning to study Hebrew:

Pasha Malk Journeys to the Shogunate:

Why Dark is a samurai is a deepcut and complicated meme that involves more than just my photoshopping, but essentially, one night Dark became drunk enough that he started speaking fluent (albeit romanized) Japanese, and we realized he must be of noble bearing. Naturally, diplomatic relations between the empires of the old and new worlds needed to be established, so His Emminence journeyed eastward around the very world to that fateful isthmus of sand and jaguars.

Here depicted is the map that marked his great travel. Many Warrior Eunuchs were lost off the coast of Ethiopia during a misunderstanding with the Blemmyes. Briefly did they stop on the peninsula of Ind before witnessing great terror and taking sail with great haste. Soon they arrived at the Shogunate, greeted by the man-eating spine-leafed plant from which they distill their spirits. More Warrior Eunuchs were lost that day.

The Pasha and his not-quite-men arrived with due haste at the fortress of the Shogun himself, who arrived to greet these foreigners at the gate.

There was a mutual exchange of exotic treasure, and respect.

Dark does the thing where he calls for a weapon also:

The discord is beset by Goblins (again)

Malk's standards of beauty:


Sentinel's Meme Museum: End-of-Year Exhibition

10 months ago

Portraits I'm using for CYS-themed characters in Pathfinder: Kingmaker and potentially other CRPGs that allow you to do this kind of thing.

Cricket, cleric of Hellfire (and sometimes healing, as a treat)

Sentinel, destined to wear the Crown of the Stolen Lands upon a stupid brow:

Malkalack, the Last True Bowman, Hailing from the Mysterious East

Sentinel's Meme Museum: D&D Memes Part II

10 months ago

This will alienate everybody not involved with the game, but that's good. Hopefully the imagery will be funny, and the interpretation of outsiders will be funnier.

The Three Mighty Moods of Gnome Wick:

Tenebrae Confronts Amadeus about his Wrongdoing:

I might have posted this one before but it's the end of the year so I'm just making sure:
Basically one of the party members who is a korovian (a type of bird man) has an ability called Korovian edge that makes his knife sharper or something. But I didn't read that back when he was alive, so as far as I know, it just made him edgier when he activated it. Hence, this image.

Artistic representation of the band of mercernaries we were gonna fight:

Artistic representation of one of them getting shot directly in the asshole (on purpose) by Tenebrae:

The Tavern Party (not depicted in chronological order)
In case you were wondering, yes, this is the meme that made Canary say the N-Word.

Dice Bot Ranking

Typo PSA

Corgi Plotting (deviously)

Amadeus Waking Up

Amadeus Pissed Off


Meme that I planned to post when Summer started in the campaign because it sounded like Grant had a lot of plans ready for when the snow melted:

Meme that I have to post now that Grant's dead:

Statistical reasoning as to why we're gonna need a group name other than "The Heroes of Carulo" pretty soon:
(Notice how the timeline mimics the trajectory of water swirling down a toilet bowl)

Sir Hane, the most hated knight. They named the motherfucker after his underwear.

Sentinel's Meme Museum: Uncategorizables

10 months ago

Corgi Backreads the Old Testament:

Fuck you. Context this yourself, whore.

Cricket denying her crimes:

Self Explanatory:

Tim giving me a firm handshake:

Chris, the Thinking Man:

HARDCORE New Energy Drink on the Scene:


Sentinel's Meme Museum: End-of-Year Exhibition

10 months ago

Welp, I believe that's just about all the 2021 memes I can post without implicating myself or other Cystians in a certain widescale violation of the Geneva Convention. But I hope you enjoyed what's here! Merry New Year to all, and to all, a good wee-hour-of-the-morning! Here's to many more.

Sentinel's Meme Museum: End-of-Year Exhibition

10 months ago
This is some genius level something!

The Iceberg is especially nice ^v^