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Sentinel's Meme Museum

2 years ago
Commended by hetero_malk on 8/25/2021 3:35:10 AM

Due to popular request (or just one or two people requesting this multiple times) I've decided to scrape out the insides of my computer to try and compile most of the dumb things I've ever photoshopped together to put in a place where they'll all be accessible at once.

I was trained the way most Renaissance Artists were, in the ways of Classical Art. I would depict mythological scenes in an attempt to master the human form. My work was sloppy and haphazard back then, and as you will see, it hasn't changed that much.

This is The Greek Myth Collection, from approximately mid-late 2019.

Thesus & De Minnetar 

This was the first of my mythological pieces, and in many ways my favorite. I made the mistake of flattening the image my first time making this, so I had to reverse-engineer the minnetar again from the source images manually find and screenshot him in Skull Quest II in order for him to appear in the DOS Game LP. Which is honestly for the best because I was still enough of a nard to use the eraser to manually cut things out of their backgrounds. Yes, this absolute boomer method was the way I was actually taught to do it in school.

Heraculus & de Neeman Leen

I was overwhelmed by the power of the emotions in this piece. To truly convey the struggle of Hercules against the invincible lion, I tried to put myself in the state of mind of how it must have felt to be Heracles, or the Lion, and to portray the conflict equally from both points of view. The tragedy and the pathos were so great, that I too was in tears by the time I finished this picture.

Oedipus & the Spinx


I think I was experimenting with too many effects at once in this piece, and the composition suffered. It was particularly difficult to make and I don't think I actually did it very well. I believe this may be one of the weaker of my works. Oedipus was particularly difficult and I think he really brings this whole image down. That motherfucker.

Jason & the Herpes


One of the most iconic tales in greek mythology was Jason keeping those big-booby bird women from stealing all the food in Boreades. Many people personify them as vultures or birds of prey, but it's clear by this behavior that thay were filthy pigeons. I think I got the picture for Jason's face from a Florida Man article about a guy who got arrested for cooking his dog alive.

Sentinel's Meme Museum: Bang Energy

2 years ago

Like most avant-garde artists, my work in classical art only got worse over time, and after completing Jason and the Herpes, I retired from art for at least an entire month. But life is naught but a warehouse of great inspiration, and I felt the divine call of art once again after devouring my first can of Bang(tm) energy drink.

The beverage contained 90% of the daily recommended dose of caffeine, and was promoted by a truly eccentric and inspirational CEO. To me, it was an endless source of both curiousity and fear. The marketting for Bang Energy was indeed so extreme, and its ingredients so revolutionary, that I was inspired to Fuel my Destiny. As soon as I could, I downed as much Bang Energy as I could steal and went on a 6 week Vision Quest, where I recorded the sights of my caffeine-based hallucinations and near-death-experiences in JPEG form.

Lord Owoc (Circa 2020)


Owoc Rises

Owoc Follows

Owoc Watches

I also made some advertisements to promote the (primarily spiritual) benefits of Super Creatine.

S&M&M: Miscellaneous Discord Shit

2 years ago

I don't know where else to put these, so I'm going to throw them here in one big dump post next.

Wizzy Murdered by his Cat (08/22/2021)


Bird Ranks (circa 2019)


"You see Bigy Hobit" (circa 2019-2020)

This image was made in response to a funny line Corgi found in a (now deleted) new storygame. The image wasn't spicy enough on its own so I also decided to include a tasteless joke.

Kohlrabi (08/02/2019)

Don't ask for the context of this or Corgi will give you a weird discord role too. (09/18/2019)

Falsely incriminating posts (circa 2021)

Theo's Dog (He is named Conan) (Circa 2020-21)

A meme series I forgot about until I went scraping for every image I ever made (05/30/2019)


Made because I missed Cricket (circa whenever the hiatus was)


Made In Response to Chris's Selfie (circa whenever that was)


Made after I showed a picture of my Bruised-Ass Chin (circa some time after the last one)


Virgin-Brad-Chad Scale


Johnny Cash reacts with Rage and Disgust Toward The Shit Mizal Has Seen in the NovelAI Discord Where Cucks Dare To Call Us The Degenerates


Don't Ask For the Context of This

Advanced Pig Simulation


The History Understander


In Response to that one guy who kept saying "Hail Rasputin" in response to everything Russian. After apparently saying he chose to play as the soviets in a game comment because "Hail Rasputin", Malkalack called him a "History Understander" which made me giggle. So I tried my best to convey this giggle to other people.


Gay Nazis (warning, spicy)

It's not offensive if the nazis are gay.

Made this in response to someone calling the brown-shirts (renowned consensual buttfuckers) gay, and Mizal corrected them, saying that they were actually "Staunch Appreciators of Aryan Manhood".


Crypto vs GOOLD


Actually just an unedited photo of Coins with his Meat Sword

Sentinel's Meme Museum: CYS-Based Memes

2 years ago

Technically, almost everything in this thread is CYS-based memes, but for these, CYS in particular is the subject.

Endmaster Humiliates a Long-time Member (circa)

Here is the guy from the Council of Weavers from the game Loom, made to look like Endmaster. This image might have a particularly hilarious use someday.

Official CYS Flags (light mode and dark mode)

The Sons of Alex Space Marine Chapter (this post is about to get taken down by GW)



The CYS Shadow Legion Chapter


Inspirational Quote from Fleshnblood78

I just thought this one was particularly hilarious in hindsight due to how much the site had changed (and how many people have left under horrible circumstances) since the day the late Fleshnblood said these words.

Changing Times

This one was made on the subject of motivation threads.

Sentinel's Meme Museum: Tabletop Injokes

2 years ago

These are probably only funny if you were there at the time, but here goes nothing.

CorgiTimThonygre find the Sword Version of Me in a Dungeon

In Green's game, everybody at once is playing one adventurer, except for me, who was their sword. I was separated from them for a long time before they finally found me and were able to stab women again.


The Post Apocalypse Game Meme (Circa when that was happening)

This was made after a clusterfuck of a beginning when Endmaster frankensteined the questgiver and the robot who would pay us for the quest, together into one disgusting horrible amalgam. (Among other things.) Despite everyone thinking we had gone and destroyed the entire campaign right at the get-go, it seemed like corgi was almost eerily calm throughout this whole thing, leaving me to make this image explaining the situation.



This one was based on all the party members of a fantasy game (except the missing one) preparing to go into a dungeon and kick some ass. Except the PoV character (not gonna call anyone out here in public) who was asleep at the time.


Super STABio Bros.

This image was based on the time when both of the predominantly knife-throwing characters were the first ones to willingly run down a sewer tunnel. You see, this is funny because it's a game about plumbers. And also the loot-ninja is running along the bottom picking up all the coins.



I legitimately don't know how to make this funny if you weren't there. But at least 3 people here among us (including me) will chortle at it.


Our Dead Characters Vs. Our New Ones


Me Handing Chris a Pipe to beat the shit out of Green with

This is unrelated, I just put it where Green wouldn't suspect so she'd be caught by surprise. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS, GREEN!


The Autism Triforce

This is sort of a sliding scale representing the three often opposing energies imbued in certain players. It's rare for a GM to need (or even be able) to keep all these things in harmony.



S&M&M: Memes about Enter's shit taste in food

2 years ago

Kept a broad title just in case there are more in the future. But right now all I have are these images commemorating the late-night battle we had about the terrible candies of the Netherlands.


S&M&M: Memes about Enter's great taste in food

2 years ago
Mmm liquorice

S&M&M: Memes about Mara

2 years ago

Enlightened Ways of Dealing with Guards in Games

This was in response to Mara's very... Pragmatic attempt at dealing with unwanted police attention in Corgi's game.


Mara and Penises

This is a meme about mara's phallic fixation.


Uh Oh, Penis.

I'm sure this is a very exaggerrated meme about mara's phallic fixation.

Wholesome Mara Meme

I hope I haven't given her too much shit. She might try to cut my dick off.

S&M&M: Memes about Mara

2 years ago

(Kevin O'Finnegan)*2 was a real one 

S&M&M: Memes about Mara

2 years ago
IN SPAIN has me fucking deceased.

S&M&M: Memes about Ford

2 years ago

Ford Addresses the Sleepless (05/03/2021)

(don't ever go to the Fairgrounds channel after the sun goes down in Arizona.)


Sherbet Backreads A Horrible Derailment (memorialized in marble forevermore)


The Channels At Dusk (volume warning)

S&M&M: Memes about Ford

2 years ago

Getting ear raped by stiff cocks will never not be a good time.

SMM: Memes About Malk (the biggest post)

2 years ago

I don't know why there's so many, but I often feel particularly inspired to make up stupid shit when he says things.



An Ape-assassin made in more innocent times, when Malkalack first started having his prophetic visions about the future of Cybernetic Primatology.


Malk And Bismonkey Drink in the Scullery

(featuring vomit expertly hidden by a traffic cone)


When you ask Malk for "A Hit of That" but you aren't specific enough

This is actually part of a much broader genre of meme spawning from the time when Malk made the mistake of taking a picture of his actual real-life arm holding a weedvape


Peace with Alien Races


Chillin' with Indy


They called the Dog Indy

Not even his family members were safe from this slander.




Portrait of His Eminence, Pasha Malk


Pasha Malk as a Playable Character in Pathfinder: Kingmaker


Pasha Malk Preparing to make his Blacksmith Post


Pasha Malk's Eunuchs

This is a whole other running theme where the warrior eunuchs of His Eminence bring legendary items from his personal armory.

The Pasha's Blade:


The Pasha's Most Socially distant Beheading Device:


The Pasha's Fifth Finger:


The Pasha's giant Turbah (for stoning witches):

SMM: Memes About Malk (the biggest post)

2 years ago

Being Sent's muse is a top three CYS experience, for my money 

SMM: Memes About Malk (the biggest post)

2 years ago

This gives some nice context that I didn't know I needed for the Blacksmith thread.

Sentinel's Meme Museum

2 years ago

I know I'm missing some things, but this is all that I can bear for now.

Sentinel's Meme Museum

2 years ago
Hahaha I love this. I had not realized this collection would be so extensive, it must've taken awhile to curate. But these are incredible, this museum will stand proudly with the libraries in our great city and drive all who enter mad.

Sentinel's Meme Museum

2 years ago
Some of these I'd honestly forgotten about and a few I'd never seen, this was glorious.

I should mention that there's also a whole series of photo edits of simplesabley's baby that the uninitiated will unfortunately never see. Also a CYOA he started about visiting the zoo that really needs to be archived here too.

Now if anyone wants to show their appreciation for Sent's work, let me suggest the following activities:

1) Use your keyboard to post in this very thread!

Let's just try this one first before anything else too strenuous.

Sentinel's Meme Museum

2 years ago
Role-playing off site. For shame!

Sentinel's Meme Museum

2 years ago
I know right??? Who does that.

Corgi's got a little group he runs games with Saturday nights on his discord server. Endmaster is not normally a part of this but he did join one of the earlier ones. He did indeed craft a shambling abomination from the body of the first quest giver and robotic parts from the second one that was also dispensing the party's funds. Then when everyone was freaking out about being found out and hanged his character was like 'Yeah that does seem like a problem you have" and walked off into the night, never to be seen again.

I actually got talked into joining the ongoing one after another player has to quit, it's a little rough with my schedule since I'm still at work when sessions start, but it's been tons of fun so far. And it's proven roleplaying is exactly the plunge into degeneracy I always warned against since I've only played two sessions and I'm already mentally writing fanfic about my vampire OC.

Sentinel's Meme Museum

2 years ago
Fun stuff though ^v^

Sentinel's Meme Museum

2 years ago
I still say it was a good plan.

Sentinel's Meme Museum

2 years ago
Lol Mara's name "Bent Over a Rack" was a perfect screenshot capture for the meme.

Sentinel's Meme Museum

2 years ago

No joke, this is some once-in-a-generation level talent. Some of these have made me full-on laugh, not once, but even twice, or thrice! I'm really glad there's finally a thread that tracks Sent's massive contributions to the site's morale!

Sentinel's Meme Museum: The New Batch.

2 years ago

Objectively the funniest meme I ever made

While it's fresh on my computer, I'll start by introducing an image I made in response to this game:

I'm rummaging through my computer, the rest will come shortly. I just thought you should know that this was, by popular vote, the funniest thing ever posted on the entire discord.

Sentinel's Meme Museum: The New Batch.

2 years ago
Don’t forget the fact that I made the objectively gayest message right after, not too proud of that one.

CYS Coat of Arms

2 years ago

The CYS Heraldry

This also gets a post of its own for ease of Ctrl+F access

CYS Coat of Arms

2 years ago

I need to put asterisks on my art that say, Sent is specifically not allowed to edit this.

CYS Coat of Arms

2 years ago

You heard it here first. Ultra-rare Illegal Memes! Tripled in value. Get ahold of them before the puddingmongers sanction this thread.

CYS Coat of Arms

2 years ago

As some dumbass spelled "invidia" wrong, this will all have to be redone from scratch.

CYS Coat of Arms

2 years ago
Excellent. I could use another t-shirt.

Sentinel's Meme Museum: Buddy Cop Movie

2 years ago

One time we were being bothered by this storm of alts from who knows where, so Chris and I tried to interrogate the guy. It didn't go so well, but it became the basis for a cinematic masterpiece from before we were born.


Sentinel's Meme Museum: Sent is an Actual Wizard

2 years ago

Of course, how could I ever bring up my dumbass videos without also pointing out the fact that I used one of them to conjure Ebon back from the dead.

Here are the magical diagrams that teach you how to cast the spell yourself, as long as you follow them very closely. They were sort of based on the symbolic imagery in old-timey alchemical books, which were a subject of chuckles and memery on the server before.

Sentinel's Meme Museum: Sent is an Actual Wizard

2 years ago

And here is the picture I took when I was hunting the Elder Goblin for its blood in order to complete the ritual. It appeared only briefly as a sort of 'jumpscare' image in the video.

And while I have made very clear that I'm not sponsored by sprechers, I should also make note that the fire-brewed goblin blood in that video comes highly recommended and you should get your own, if given the chance.

Sentinel's Meme Museum: Sent is an Actual Wizard

2 years ago
A crummy commercial?
Son of a bitch.

Sentinel's Meme Museum: Video Game Memes

2 years ago
Commended by hetero_malk on 10/9/2021 1:54:24 PM

Here's some posts for context on these next two,

The IRL topic of "Ghost Kitchens" (restaurants whose business is entirely online orders and home delivery) came up later.

Don't even ask for the context of the rest of that post.

Which in turn got me in the mood to make up more stupid video game shit, because that foodrapist poster was a little too easy and I already had gimp open.

I could, in theory, provide the post context for this next one, but I feel like that's kind of hamstringing its potential because it has such a multipurpose power:

Sentinel's Meme Museum: Pasha Malk II

2 years ago

The Pasha has been up to a lot since I last posted here!

Technically the first (and only?) Blacksmith Meme

The Pasha's most Purifying Weapon:

Malkalack the Reptile Keeper:

Malkalack and his Brother get into a standoff (Do not you dare ask for the context of this)

Malk reads his ex's blog

Cropped meme for your general-use pleasure.

Pasha Malk is fed up with Tinder Ladies

The Heroic Pasha fixes to rid this world of Impure, horribly designed Flight Rising animals

The Pasha on a Date

Mizal borrows Pasha Malk's Blade of Blind-Bashing

Pasha Malk, Cricket DLC

2 years ago

Cricket and her guards:

Malk's Diplomatic Sahlab:

Pasha Malk, Cricket DLC

2 years ago
I just noticed Coins is even Korean in this. Beautiful.

Sentinel's Meme Museum

2 years ago

I don't feel that this shitpost deserves its own thread, so I'll post it here. During a wikipedia tour an Endmaster was spotted in the wild with a dragon.