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CoG cleaning up its revolting community on 5/6/2021 1:22:03 AM

Mogalas et al. seem to be a bunch of bootlickers who want more moderation rather than less. In fact, they want Jason to be more involved in moderation since apparently he's such a level-headed arbiter of justice whose only fault is letting his moderators get too lax, and unsurprisingly, that's the only major change Jason agreed to since it feeds his lust for power.

Let's Play Skybreak! on 5/3/2021 7:43:40 PM


Edgy poem with Sent. on 5/3/2021 12:17:23 AM

I wonder what this poem is supposed to be about and what its inspiration was. All I can think about is a pair of conjoined twins being cut apart.

Let's Play Skybreak! on 4/29/2021 9:12:54 PM

2, and when the option comes up, record a tale of adventure. We need to save our anecdotes to write a steamy dragon erotica.

A Small Story (vote) on 4/29/2021 1:54:51 AM

Yeah, if Hiddlebid's spells don't work right, she should probably hold off on using the wand. Turn invisible and continue down the path. She should be ready to create a torrent of water to wash herself away down the path in case the bees attack. I don't think she should fight them under any circumstances lest she face Dibinin's wrath.

Help! I'm New and I Can't Find Stats! on 4/29/2021 1:39:09 AM

But Mizal, you wrote Price of Freedom, the best stats-based game on this website. Why the sudden change of heart?

Help! I'm New and I Can't Find Stats! on 4/29/2021 1:36:58 AM

I can't believe it. I've never seen anyone unironically use autism tags in the wild before.

Help! I'm New and I Can't Find Stats! on 4/27/2021 8:58:49 PM

I glanced at the RPG tag, and Awakening of the Tower by Positive and MyVacation by SindriV also use stats, though the latter is a very different genre, and the stats are of the type found in the Sims.

A Small Story (vote) on 4/27/2021 12:55:28 AM

I agree with Killa. Water wand and Drowning/falling ring seems to be the most natural combo.

Let's Play Skybreak! on 4/26/2021 2:01:28 PM

I prechoose 1 (pass the time) for whenever this starts up again.