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Alright, need someone to help me. on 1/3/2021 3:27:04 AM

Can you solve this puzzle? (spoilers) on 1/3/2021 3:22:20 AM

It's called the A1Z26 cipher.

Can you solve this puzzle? (spoilers) on 1/2/2021 2:23:41 AM

Haha, I ninja edited my reply so yours makes no sense.

Can you solve this puzzle? (spoilers) on 1/2/2021 2:20:05 AM

It's "one under" air, which is ocean.

Favorite Quote? on 1/1/2021 2:30:48 AM

"When the righteous prosper, the city rejoices; when the wicked perish, there are shouts of joy." --Proverbs 11:10

Logic Puzzles on 12/28/2020 6:28:19 PM

The "make girls comb their hair" part and "make normal people look like celebrities" part can be explained as social pressure or peer pressure. It can be argued that girls want to look nice due to peer pressure, and celebrities often start fashion trends that spread due to social pressure to be fashionable. I agree that the other 3 lines make no sense.

Image url? on 11/26/2020 12:29:06 AM

That did the trick. Thank you so much for your help!

Image url? on 11/25/2020 9:35:19 PM

I changed center to top just before you replied, which solved the issue when the window is maximized. No-repeat solves the issue for a non-maximized window as well but leaves a rather large blank space at the bottom. Is that just inevitable or is there a way to solve that as well?

Edit: Actually, no-repeat just removes the top portion of the picture that looped around in the non-maximized window. It's somewhat okay for a landscape picture like the one I used, but if there's important stuff at the top of the picture, it would be problematic.

Image url? on 11/25/2020 9:13:23 PM

For some reason, the top part of the image looped to the bottom.

Image url? on 11/25/2020 8:20:47 PM

Even so, wouldn't I need to fit the image to the window size with some script since the window size isn't fixed?