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Read my story, In 3, for some sci-fi!


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In 3
An ambassador to a distant civilization, you return home just in time to find the Sol system on the brink of destruction. Rally your fellow humans, if you can. You've been gone a long time, but they haven't changed, at all.
Entry for Endmaster's Prompt Contest 2. Heavily inspired by Liu Cixin's Rememberance of the Earth's Past trilogy, as well as Wandering Earth. Republish (9/13/2023): - Proofreading and minor editing - Added new branch taking place in other planets and colonies

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Endmaster's prompt contest writing thread. on 2/12/2024 5:52:40 PM
I guess I'll pick up Inscryption again.

New here? Just the FAQS. on 2/6/2024 10:50:47 AM
Most likely not. There are stories with less "raw" word counts, but they're usually packed with scripts or is something clever like Gower's 16 words (iirc). However, for most regular stories 450 words is only enough for a single expository page or a couple of shorter ones. I took a glance over your knight story, and I would suggest adding a lot more substance to the plot, a simplistic telling of what happened in one sentence isn't going to cut it. As I suggested, try reading some higher rated stories to get a good idea of what is considered effective storytelling. It is good that you have a skeleton of the branches, but now is the time to flesh out your writing. Also, try reading some articles explaining grammar and sentence structure, your story is really difficult to read with all the mistakes. Good luck on your writing, if you have any questions or want feedback on a passage I suggest making a post in the writing workshop.

Soulless on 2/2/2024 12:53:33 AM
Exciting stuff. Hopefully with End also starting a story the competitors (me included) will feel motivated to write.

Endmaster's prompt contest writing thread. on 1/23/2024 9:42:36 PM
Thanks a lot, Mystic. I struggle with imposter syndrome often (and rightfully so, considering all the talented writers here), but your words of encouragement and advice are very much appreciated. I'll stop procrastinating and begin writing again, hopefully.

Secret Hitler - Game thread on 1/23/2024 9:39:43 PM
The final liberal policy has been passed! The entire country can finally heave a sigh of relief before turning their attention to less existence-threatening tasks at hand. Josef's father tips his hat at the remaining politicians, muttering that he cannot stomach this 'politik' stuff anymore, before turning to take his leave. Rumor has it that the very night the man was spotted outside of the city dividing up money with the crew of men he arrived with, along with a sobbing woman recognized from one of the whorehouses nearby. He was seen heading south toward the Mediterraneans, and was heard from no more. Just rumors, of course.

Endmaster's prompt contest writing thread. on 1/22/2024 4:01:52 PM
Having a mild crisis at roughly 2k words in after I realized that my writing sucked. I'll either be at a lower word count tonight or I'll take a well deserved(lol) break.

Secret Hitler - election cycle 12 on 1/21/2024 9:30:23 PM
Josef's father grimly eyes the remaining politicians, and points his finger toward Bernadette, the only choice that isn't possibly Hitler. He also gestures toward the stacks of newspapers on the table, many of which reported on liberal policies that he had helped to pass.

Secret Hitler - Game thread on 1/21/2024 11:06:50 AM
"There's a fascist between these two, from what I can tell," Josef's father remarks. "Best to ignore both, just to be safe."

Secret Hitler - election cycle 11 on 1/19/2024 10:24:40 PM
Josef's father casts a slightly suspicous glance towards Elsa, but hollers an 'aye' anyway.

Secret Hitler - election cycle 10 on 1/17/2024 9:50:13 PM
Josef's father crinkles his nose at Fleischer's pig-like display, but begrudgingly agrees with an 'Aye'.