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Plan on updating this word count once a week to keep myself accountable. Prod me if I don't, and if you really feel like it, prod me anyway.

4/15/21: 20677 - 20k words feels like a pretty huge milestone to me, so I'm quite proud of making it this far. I realize that there's a LOT of branching in my story, so I'll probably end up with 10 or so different epilogues, and I'm about to get to finishing one of those arcs. Probably going to go over 100k words by a bit if I want to flesh out every path substantially...

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After the Dark Age of Technology during the 21st and 22nd centuries, humanity decided to reach for the stars. Or at least the megacorps decided to, leaving behind anyone too poor or too stubborn or too old to board the ships headed for Mars and Europa. With that, the Great Expansion started: Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, the Asteroid Belt, all were encompassed by the sovereignty of the newly formed United Human Federation, or UHF. Well... that's what the UHF would have you believe. The truth is a different beast entirely.

After graduating a prestigious engineering college on Mars and patenting a valuable new piece of tech, you were approached by the Black Hoods, a completely untraceable organization that dealt with the salvage of shipwrecks across the solar system. Despite the absurd protocols (all in the name of total secrecy), the mind-boggling pay convinced you to join. What can you discover among the derelict wreckage of humanity?

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Wow, what a week! (It's only Tuesday) on 4/21/2021 1:16:41 PM

Did you turn into Avery for this post?

Wow, what a week! (It's only Tuesday) on 4/21/2021 1:09:04 AM

If you get covid that would be unlucky. My week has been pretty bad, considering that I tore my calf open with a bike chain and my sports-related heel pain got worse to the point that I have to wear an ankle brace.

Boardgame Thread on 4/20/2021 12:38:01 PM

Good thing that human rights laws don't apply to aliens!

Boardgame Thread on 4/20/2021 12:21:38 PM

The best part of Operation is pushing your friends' hands into the buzzer zone and pretending that you caused that fatass another gruesome injury. It's just not the same without the jarring noise to go with it.

Let's Play Skybreak! on 4/20/2021 12:01:36 AM

What I was thinking was that Hector proved himself in some crazy way during the war, and while he didn't think anything of it and wasn't recognized for it by anyone, this elf had been spectating the battle for fun and noticed it. From that point on, the elf has followed Hector, and when Hecc went too far down the wrong path he decided to intervene and give Hecc's life some positive direction.

Let's Play Skybreak! on 4/19/2021 11:02:36 PM

Extragalactic plane... seems safe enough.

Let's Play Skybreak! on 4/19/2021 11:00:12 PM

A beautiful ship made of flowing water and a muscular lowlife named Hecc Wilco seem like an unlikely duo, but in reality—they definitely were.

Hecc's life had been absolutely unremarkable until he was whisked out of community college and flung into the entropy of war. All sense of normalcy was gone, and in its place were arrays of plasma-flinging cannons and fleets of planet-melting superships. The war was over within a month, as each side had dumped all of its ordnance and soldiers on the other and gotten bored. Hecc didn't even know who won, but it certainly hadn't been him.

He was ditched on an out of the way planet in the Babayaga Arm of the galaxy, where life moved slowly and deliberately towards a point unknown to all of its participants. He was left without benefits, without any possessions, and most importantly, without a ship. Thankfully, an abandoned junkyard could provide housing, in the form of a rusted shack of metal sheets, and an infinite amount of trinkets and garbage from a bygone era. Unfortunately, none of this could be eaten. For the first time in his life, Hecc was forced to improvise with no orders to follow and no superiors to answer to. It was liberating.

His knack for engineering quickly showed, and Hecc began tinkering and crafting his days away. A small motor could be sold to a mechanic, a servo was needed by schoolchildren for their project, and some old person would always prove a suitable owner for a large, fancy-looking clock.

Unfortunately, the supply of trash proved to not be infinite, and Hecc had exhausted his source of income and entertainment. His hands were itching for work after a week of sedentary boredom. He had to do something. Searching all around, through many miles of the nearby city, he found no other abandoned junkyards, and also found no open positions at any engineering companies or repair shops. Eventually, as he was walking home from another unsuccessful day, fraught with failure, he was mugged in the night. Except the mugger had picked the wrong man to fuck with. Hecc—in a fit of primal, pent-up fury—scratched his itch by strangling and mangling the poor crook. As he stood above the corpse, he decided to just check something. There's nothing morally wrong with looting, right? The sock filled with enough cash to sustain Hecc for a week would've otherwise gone to waste, and the pistol, while primitive and not very valuable, would've grown rusty and unstable. It would be good for society to remove it from the equation.

Hecc's decline was rapid. His military experience, while pointless in high, medium, and low society, proved rather useful in the undersociety. Within the darkness of dive bars and unlit back alleys, the blood on his hands was invisible. He started with simple jobs that didn't provide his mind with major moral quandaries. As a mafia boss' bodyguard he only had to beat the shit out of criminals who came at him first (and he ignored the fact that he was protecting someone more nasty than them). The money was good, but he found some better work as a mugger. By that point he had forgotten the man in the alley so long ago, and his mind was filling up with ideas for more elaborate gadgets. Sure, he had to mug some innocent people, but their money only went to him, a good person with a good cause! His tinkering was good for society (except for the blowtorch-dagger, but he had buried that firespitting monstrosity almost instantly).

On one stormy night, that all changed. He noticed a man with a suit made of what could only be described as pure thunderstorm. He entered one of the dive bars that Hecc felt comfortable in. This ignorant stranger clearly had no knowledge of this world and this city, which only made him an easier target. When night had clutched the city in full, Hecc struck. He dropped from a roof with the grace of a spider, and blocked the escape route with his stout form. The thunderstorm man lifted the brim of his porkpie hat to get a better look at Hecc. His eyes sparked like lightning bolts, and a smile drifted across his features.

His voice was firm and smooth at the same time, "Why hello, have you come to give me a tour of your marvelous world?"

Hecc stepped closer, a conniving scowl forming, "I don't have time to talk. Give me your money."

"Money's all that bothers you? This suit is worth more than you can make in a hundred lifetimes," the strange man's pointed ears wiggled as he gave a hearty chuckle.

"I'm not some philosophisizizing asswipe. Hand it over," Hecc accompanied the phrase with the quick act of withdrawing his pistol from its scratched-up holster. He tried to maintain a no-nonsense tone, but within his soul, something stirred. That coat would be a fine trinket, and he could try to reserve engineer it! Just imagining what components lay within the 3-dimensional embodiment of weather made him drool unwillingly.

"Don't you want to leave this dump, or stay and here my stories, or would you rather just kill me for a quick hit of dopamine?" The alien's words carried more weight than Hecc's thoughts ever had. The correct choice was contradictory to everything he had thought of for the past few months, and yet it immediately stood out to him.

He holstered the gun and nodded. The alien laughed once again, a ringing sound as full of pleasure as Hecc's heart was full of corruption. The alien led him to an incomprehensible, magic ship. Water, somehow flowing while being confined, made up the entire craft. Hecc could never have even imagined something this otherworldly.

"Here, it's yours," the elf gestured at the spotless interior of the ship.

"What's the catch?" You ask, wary.

"Oh you humans, always thinking everything's a business transaction," the elf thinks for a moment, "Dinner parties are getting boring, and I've got more of these 'responsibilities' piling up in a very annoying way. That's beside the point. What matters is wowing people at parties, right? You should nod. So, I want you to collect some stories for me. Enjoy the galaxy, savor every planet and every adventure. Oh, and don't die."

The elf walks out of the ship and into the downpour. Was it raining earlier? Now Hecc had a monumental task ahead of him.


This would be quite the journey (probably).

Let's Play Skybreak! on 4/19/2021 9:58:50 PM


Let's Play Skybreak! on 4/19/2021 9:12:30 PM

3. Seems like a good way to get the stories that we're looking for.

Let's Play Skybreak! on 4/19/2021 6:05:13 PM

I second this. Our character has a good array of non-combat skills, and a couple noncombat backgrounds, so having a little more oomph would be nice.