WizzyCat's Experience Points

WizzyCat has a total of 1,065 Experience Points. Following is recent point activity.
4/3/20243Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
4/3/20241Rate Game Sleeping In
4/2/20241Rate Game
4/2/20241Rate Game DRIVE
4/1/202410Publish Game DRIVE
1/23/20241Rate Game harry potter sorting quiz
12/17/20233Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
12/17/20232Admin. Bonus - Featured Comment on Hues of Infection
12/17/20231Rate Game Hues of Infection
11/23/20233Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
11/9/2023-112Admin. Penalty - Automated tax adjustment for birthday welfare. Send feedback to _IRS
10/28/2023100Admin. Bonus - A gift from the Thunderdome, sponsored by Abgeofriends.
10/27/20233Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
10/20/20233Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
10/16/20233Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
9/19/2023-98Admin. Penalty - CYS IRS tax adjustment for illegal birthday welfare. Good day.
9/13/20231Rate Game Random Movie Quiz!
8/15/202320Accept Feature Longer Games Deserve More Featured Comments
8/10/20231Rate Game WWI Pliot
7/9/2023100Admin. Bonus - Achievement Unlocked: Polling the important question (and moms)s
7/6/20231Rate Game
6/8/20231Rate Game paul and naoka!
5/30/20231Rate Game A Message From Above
5/21/20231Rate Game Sir Swordy: Swordster's Swordiful Sword Adventures (Unpublished)
5/18/202310Admin. Bonus - Most Commended!
5/17/20233Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
5/16/202310Admin. Bonus - Defeating Ace in the THUNDERDOME! .... why is this an award?
4/29/20233Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
4/22/2023-4Duel Escrow RPS
4/22/2023-4Lose Duel RPS
4/22/20234Duel Refund RPS
4/22/2023-4Duel Escrow RPS
4/20/20233Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
4/11/20231Rate Game Herobrine in the Deep Dark Part 1
4/9/20231Rate Game Explore Egypt 2: AnkhaZone Boogaloo
4/2/202310Admin. Bonus - Most Commended!
4/1/20233Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
4/1/20232Admin. Bonus - Featured Comment on Underland
3/30/20231Rate Game Underland
3/17/20231Rate Game Gay and DepressedER!!!
3/17/20231Rate Game Omegatron Scavenger Hunt
3/16/20231Rate Game
3/16/20231Rate Game Planetshakers
3/15/202310Publish Game Planetshakers
3/15/20231Rate Game bames nond
3/3/20231Rate Game the boys go to miami :)
3/2/20231Rate Game Thirsty
3/2/20231Rate Game HAMSTER SIMULATOR (Part 1)
3/1/20231Rate Game Squirrel Life 1
2/28/20231Rate Game A Day at the Bakery
2/24/20231Rate Game
2/13/20231Rate Game Deepthroat Circus
1/20/20233Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
1/20/20232Admin. Bonus - Featured Comment on Mavia Fan-made Story
1/20/20231Rate Game Mavia Fan-made Story
12/17/202210Admin. Bonus - Most Commended!
12/16/20223Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
12/16/20222Admin. Bonus - Featured Comment on Unknowing
12/15/202215Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
10/25/202210Admin. Bonus - Most Commended!
10/24/20223Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
10/24/20222Admin. Bonus - Featured Comment on The Gold Bar
10/24/20221Rate Game The Gold Bar
10/1/20221Rate Game Apocalypse desert monster
7/4/202210Publish Game Visceral
7/1/20223Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
5/29/20221Rate Game Olivia
5/12/20221Rate Game
5/5/20221Rate Game
4/27/2022-1Lose Duel RPS
4/15/202225Admin. Bonus - 3rd Place in Corgi''s Lords of the Land 2 Contest
3/31/20221Rate Game God-Clock
3/30/202210Publish Game God-Clock
2/28/20223Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
2/19/20221Rate Game OhDragon take 2
2/13/20221Rate Game
2/3/20223Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
2/3/20222Admin. Bonus - Featured Comment on Dusty Fist 2: Electric Boogaloo
2/2/20221Rate Game Dusty Fist 2: Electric Boogaloo
2/2/20221Rate Game Dusty Fist
1/29/20221Rate Game Damn Zombies!
1/13/20221Rate Game Never coming home, mate!
1/13/20221Rate Game
12/17/20211Rate Game Stuck Inside Minecraft
12/15/202115Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
12/14/20214Win Duel RPS
12/14/2021-2Duel Escrow RPS
12/9/20211Rate Game Fantasyquest
11/28/20211Rate Game Birthday Mania
11/18/20211Rate Game
11/17/20211Rate Game
11/11/20211Rate Game A Hunted and Haunted Halloween
11/11/20211Rate Game
10/29/20213Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
10/24/20213Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
10/23/20211Rate Game
10/17/20211Rate Game James.
10/15/20211Rate Game Arizona Desert
10/11/20211Rate Game
9/21/2021100Admin. Bonus - Achievement Unlocked: Dark Agent
9/20/202125Admin. Bonus - Missionary work in heathen lands.
9/14/20211Rate Game Journey Through The Snow
9/14/20211Rate Game Tales of the Solar Schism
9/12/20211Rate Game Propheteering
9/10/2021100Admin. Bonus - Achievement Unlocked: Productive Citizen
9/9/20213Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
9/9/20212Admin. Bonus - Featured Comment on Encaged
9/8/20211Rate Game WARCHIMP
9/7/20211Rate Game Encaged
9/7/202110Publish Game Propheteering
9/3/20211Rate Game Gay and Depressed
8/30/20211Rate Game
7/25/20211Rate Game 6-Door Puzzle
7/19/20211Rate Game Officer Dick Gristle
7/17/2021125Admin. Bonus - CONGRATS on having no meaningful competition in the Cyberpunk contest!
7/14/202110Admin. Bonus - Most Commended!
7/13/20213Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
7/13/202110Publish Game FAILsafe
7/11/20211Rate Game what would you do ?
7/6/202150Admin. Bonus - Achievement Unlocked: Spreading the Glory
6/23/20211Rate Game The Inner Demons - A Ballad
6/16/20211Rate Game Totem Spirit Quiz
6/15/20211Rate Game
6/11/20211Rate Game The Green Arrow
6/10/20211Rate Game TheLight
6/2/20211Rate Game Last Man Standing (Battle Royale)
5/20/20211Rate Game Dead space
5/20/20211Rate Game 8 goals, 28 rolls
5/17/20211Rate Game HOW NOT TO WRITE- A Pokemon Adventure - Part 1 - Chapter I - Section A: The Beginning of the Start
5/13/20211Rate Game Will the Real J. Jonah Jameson Please Step Forward?
5/11/20211Rate Game Ages of Tomorrow
5/11/20211Rate Game The Mall
5/11/20211Rate Game To Make a Sandwich
5/11/20211Rate Game Attack of the Grue
5/11/20211Rate Game Holloween Adventure 2 : Return to the Halloween Dimension!
5/11/20211Rate Game Ocean Adventure
5/6/20211Rate Game
4/29/202110Admin. Bonus - Most Commended!
4/28/20213Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
4/26/20211Rate Game Dreamtruder
4/23/20211Rate Game The Javan Rhinoceros
4/23/20211Rate Game What Magic Ability Would You Have?
4/22/20211Rate Game Exploding Alarm Clock - Return that item!
4/22/20211Rate Game Positive or Negative?
4/22/20211Rate Game Boobs!!!
4/21/20215Admin. Bonus - An extra five for me scarring your points page with an embarrassing typo of sorts. Sorry :l
4/21/202125Admin. Bonus - Hopefully your week gets better! Let''s give it our best, okay? -Thara
4/19/20213Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
4/17/20211Rate Game Nightmare in Kansas
4/9/20211Rate Game
4/8/20215Admin. Bonus - monkey...
4/6/202110Admin. Bonus - Made account on another forum. Wow, I just give these out for anything!
4/5/202110Admin. Bonus - Moderate technological competency!
4/1/20211Rate Game CYBERMONKEY
3/21/20211Rate Game The Life Of A Bull Terrier
3/12/20213Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
3/5/20211Rate Game
3/4/20213Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
3/4/20212Admin. Bonus - Featured Comment on Brimstone
3/4/20211Rate Game You Are A Disc In My Dad's Spinal Cord. Can You Make His Back Stop Hurting In Time For Christmas?
3/3/20213Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
3/3/20212Admin. Bonus - Featured Comment on The Liar
3/2/20211Rate Game A Jornada...
2/28/20211Rate Game Be a NASCAR Driver
2/27/20211Rate Game A Day In The Life of A Slice of Bread
2/26/20211Rate Game The Last At-Bat
2/26/20213Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
2/26/20212Admin. Bonus - Featured Comment on Traitorous Ossetian
2/23/20211Rate Game Live the Life of a Cat
2/20/20211Rate Game Jack at the Tracks
2/18/20211Rate Game The Interview Game
2/17/20211100Admin. Bonus - Achievement Unlocked: Raised From The Abyss
2/16/20211Rate Game Brimstone
2/15/20211Rate Game Traitorous Ossetian
2/15/20211Rate Game Whats Behind The Door
2/15/20211Rate Game The Extensive Escape
2/14/20211Rate Game The Scary Night
2/14/20211Rate Game Zombie world
2/12/20211Rate Game
2/10/20211Rate Game Laputa
2/10/20211Rate Game Web Escape
2/10/20211Rate Game livin like bren
2/10/20211Rate Game The Phone Call
2/10/20213Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
2/10/20212Admin. Bonus - Featured Comment on The Tale of The Foolish Princess
2/9/20211Rate Game The Tale of the Foolish Princess
2/8/20211Rate Game Winter, After the Harvest
2/3/20213Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
2/3/20212Admin. Bonus - Featured Comment on Vincha
2/1/20211Rate Game Vincha
1/30/20211Rate Game Dog Day
1/29/20211Rate Game The Liar
1/27/20213Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
1/27/20212Admin. Bonus - Featured Comment on Homo Perfectus 4
1/26/20211Rate Game Homo Perfectus 4
1/24/20213Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
1/24/20212Admin. Bonus - Featured Comment on Homo Perfectus 3
1/24/20211Rate Game Homo Perfectus 3
1/23/202110Admin. Bonus - Most Commended!
1/22/20213Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
1/22/20212Admin. Bonus - Featured Comment on Homo Perfectus 2
1/22/202110Admin. Bonus - Most Commended!
1/21/20211Rate Game Homo Perfectus 2
1/21/20213Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
1/21/20212Admin. Bonus - Featured Comment on Homo Perfectus
1/20/20211Rate Game Homo Perfectus
1/19/20213Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
1/19/20212Admin. Bonus - Featured Comment on Mechanised Assault Unit
1/19/20211Rate Game Mechanised Assault Unit
1/19/20211Rate Game A Stroll in the Forest
1/19/20211Rate Game A Night In The Forest
1/19/202110Admin. Bonus - Most Commended!
1/18/20213Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
1/14/202110Admin. Bonus - Most Commended!
1/13/20213Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
1/13/20212Admin. Bonus - Featured Comment on The Book and Devil's Altar
1/11/20211Rate Game The Book and Devil's Altar
12/15/202015Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
12/15/201915Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
12/15/201815Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
4/29/2018-1100Admin. Penalty - Achievement Unlocked: Begging For The Abyss
4/29/2018-23Admin. Penalty - Achievement Unlocked: Honest Bigot
4/29/2018-100Admin. Penalty - Achievement Unlocked: Flat Earther
4/29/2018-20Admin. Penalty - Shitposting
12/15/201715Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
12/14/20171Duel Refund RPS
12/10/2017-1Duel Escrow RPS
12/10/2017-1Lose Duel Rock Paper Scissors
12/2/20171Rate Game Dave: Big Dickin'it adventure!
12/2/20171Rate Game A Very Special Choose Your Story
12/1/20171Rate Game Wolf's Story
12/1/20171Rate Game When Lights Go Out
12/1/20171Rate Game So You Want To Be A Pokemon Master?
11/29/20171Rate Game The Lost Caves
11/29/20171Rate Game The Things that you should know but probably don't Quiz
11/29/20171Rate Game Attack on the Castle
7/14/20171Rate Game Erika Bakes A Cake
3/13/20171Rate Game Return to Vinia
3/7/20171Rate Game Lonely boy
2/16/20171Rate Game Reach Love
2/16/20171Rate Game
2/15/20171Rate Game The Run Away
2/15/20171Rate Game
2/15/20171Rate Game A Day in the Life (and death) of you.
2/15/2017-200Admin. Penalty - Pointlessly trolling and attempting to break the peace
2/13/20171Rate Game The Mystic Kingdom
2/13/20171Rate Game The Zombies Are Coming Part 1
2/13/20171Rate Game Surviving the EBD Classroom
2/13/20171Rate Game Raceia
2/12/20171Rate Game The Midnight Monster
1/25/20171Rate Game Break and Enter
1/13/20171Daily Point
1/12/20171Daily Point
1/11/20171Daily Point
1/10/20171Daily Point
1/9/20171Daily Point
1/5/20171Daily Point
1/4/20171Daily Point
1/1/20171Daily Point
12/30/20161Daily Point
12/29/20161Daily Point
12/28/20161Daily Point
12/27/20161Daily Point
12/26/20161Daily Point
12/25/20161Daily Point
12/24/20161Daily Point
12/23/20161Daily Point
12/21/20161Daily Point
12/20/20161Daily Point
12/19/20161Daily Point
12/18/20161Daily Point
12/17/20161Daily Point
12/16/20161Daily Point
12/15/20161Daily Point
12/15/201615Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
12/13/20161Daily Point
12/12/20161Daily Point
12/10/20161Daily Point
12/8/20161Daily Point
12/7/20161Daily Point
12/6/20161Daily Point
11/29/20161Daily Point
11/23/20161Daily Point
11/19/20161Daily Point
11/4/20161Daily Point
10/17/20161Daily Point
10/13/20161Daily Point
10/9/20161Daily Point
10/7/20161Daily Point
10/5/20161Daily Point
10/3/20161Daily Point
10/1/20161Daily Point
9/30/20161Daily Point
9/29/20161Daily Point
9/28/20161Daily Point
9/25/20161Daily Point
9/23/20161Daily Point
9/22/20161Daily Point
9/21/20161Daily Point
9/20/20161Daily Point
9/19/20161Daily Point
9/18/20161Daily Point
9/16/20161Daily Point
9/15/20161Daily Point
9/14/20161Daily Point
9/13/20161Daily Point
9/12/20161Daily Point
9/11/20161Daily Point
9/10/20161Daily Point
9/9/20161Daily Point
9/8/20161Daily Point
9/7/20161Daily Point
9/6/20161Daily Point
9/5/20161Daily Point
9/4/20161Daily Point
9/3/20161Daily Point
9/2/20161Daily Point
8/28/20161Daily Point
8/26/20161Daily Point
8/25/20161Daily Point
8/24/20161Daily Point
8/23/20161Daily Point
8/22/20161Daily Point
8/21/20161Daily Point
8/19/20161Daily Point
8/18/20161Daily Point
8/17/20161Daily Point
8/16/20161Daily Point
8/15/20161Daily Point
8/13/20161Daily Point
8/12/20161Daily Point
8/10/20161Daily Point
8/9/20161Daily Point
8/8/2016-2Duel Escrow RPS
8/8/20161Daily Point
8/7/20161Daily Point
8/5/20161Daily Point
8/4/20161Daily Point
8/3/20161Daily Point
8/2/20161Daily Point
8/1/20161Daily Point
7/29/20161Daily Point
7/29/20162Duel Refund RPS
7/29/20162Duel Refund RPS
7/29/20162Duel Refund RPS
7/29/20162Duel Refund RPS
7/28/20161Daily Point
7/26/20165Win Duel RPS
7/26/20162Win Duel RPS
7/26/20162Win Duel RPS
7/26/2016-1Duel Escrow RPS
7/26/20161Daily Point
7/25/2016-2Duel Escrow RPS
7/25/2016-2Duel Escrow RPS
7/25/20166Win Duel RPS
7/25/2016-3Duel Escrow RPS
7/25/20162Duel Refund RPS
7/25/20162Duel Refund RPS
7/25/20166Win Duel RPS
7/25/20166Win Duel RPS
7/25/2016-3Duel Escrow RPS
7/25/2016-3Duel Escrow RPS
7/25/2016-3Lose Duel RPS
7/25/2016-2Duel Escrow RPS
7/25/20164Win Duel RPS
7/25/2016-2Duel Escrow RPS
7/25/2016-2Duel Escrow RPS
7/25/2016-2Duel Escrow RPS
7/25/2016-2Duel Escrow RPS
7/25/2016-2Duel Escrow RPS
7/25/2016-1Duel Escrow RPS
7/25/20161Daily Point
7/22/20161Daily Point
7/17/20161Daily Point
7/15/20161Daily Point
7/14/20161Daily Point
7/13/20161Daily Point
7/12/20161Daily Point
7/11/20161Daily Point
7/6/20161Daily Point
7/3/20161Daily Point
7/1/20161Daily Point
6/30/20161Daily Point
6/29/20161Daily Point
6/28/20161Daily Point
6/27/20161Daily Point
6/26/20161Daily Point
6/25/20161Daily Point
6/24/20164Win Duel RPS
6/24/2016-2Duel Escrow RPS
6/23/2016-2Lose Duel RPS
6/23/2016-2Lose Duel RPS
6/23/2016-2Duel Escrow RPS
6/23/2016-2Lose Duel RPS
6/23/20161Daily Point
6/21/20161Daily Point
4/12/20161Rate Game
4/7/20161Rate Game
4/6/20161Rate Game
2/24/20161Rate Game The Awesume
2/9/20161Rate Game A Cat Day
2/9/20161Rate Game The story of Shadow the hedgehog as a wolf
2/2/20161Rate Game One single outcome?
2/2/20161Daily Point
2/1/20161Daily Point
1/20/20161Daily Point
1/18/20161Daily Point
1/17/20161Rate Game Flying Cat Adventures
1/14/2016-3Duel Escrow RPS
1/14/2016-3Duel Escrow RPS
1/14/20166Win Duel RPS
1/14/2016-3Duel Escrow RPS
1/14/20161Daily Point
1/13/20161Rate Game
12/15/201515Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
11/18/20151Daily Point
11/13/20151Daily Point
11/12/20151Rate Game Escape The Room!
11/12/20151Rate Game The Bedroom
11/12/20151Daily Point
11/11/20151Daily Point
9/5/20151Rate Game
8/13/20151Rate Game
8/9/20151Daily Point
8/8/20151Daily Point
8/6/20151Daily Point
8/4/20151Daily Point
8/3/20151Daily Point
8/2/20151Rate Game Choose Your Own Agar.io
8/1/20151Daily Point
7/24/20151Daily Point
7/23/20151Daily Point
7/22/20151Daily Point
7/21/20151Daily Point
7/18/20151Daily Point
7/15/20151Daily Point
7/14/20151Daily Point
7/12/20151Daily Point
7/11/20151Daily Point
7/10/20151Daily Point
7/9/20151Daily Point
7/8/20151Daily Point
7/6/20151Daily Point
7/5/20151Daily Point
7/5/20151Rate Game Internets: The Dark Abyss
7/5/20153Duel Refund RPS
7/4/20151Daily Point
7/3/20151Daily Point
7/2/20151Rate Game HateClan
7/2/20151Daily Point
7/1/2015-3Duel Escrow RPS
7/1/20151Daily Point
7/1/20153Duel Refund RPS
6/30/20151Daily Point
6/29/20151Daily Point
6/28/20151Daily Point
6/27/20156Win Duel RPS
6/27/2015-3Duel Escrow RPS
6/27/20156Win Duel RPS
6/27/2015-3Duel Escrow RPS
6/27/2015-3Duel Escrow RPS
6/27/20151Daily Point
6/26/20151Daily Point
6/25/20151Daily Point
6/24/20151Daily Point
6/23/20151Daily Point
6/22/20151Daily Point
6/21/20151Daily Point
6/20/20151Daily Point
6/8/20151Daily Point
6/7/20151Daily Point
6/6/20151Daily Point
6/5/20151Rate Game Journey to the Center of the Sun
6/5/20151Daily Point
6/4/20151Daily Point
6/3/20151Daily Point
6/2/20151Daily Point
6/1/20151Daily Point
5/31/20151Daily Point
5/30/20151Daily Point
5/29/20151Daily Point
5/28/20151Daily Point
5/27/20151Rate Game
5/27/20151Daily Point
5/26/20151Rate Game Ducky Park
5/26/20151Rate Game
5/26/20151Daily Point
5/25/20151Daily Point
5/24/20151Rate Game Wolf Adventures
5/24/20151Rate Game
5/24/20151Rate Game
5/24/20151Daily Point
5/23/20151Rate Game Eat.Sleep.Kill.Repeat
5/23/20151Daily Point
5/22/20151Rate Game
5/22/20151Daily Point
5/21/20151Daily Point
5/20/20151Daily Point
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