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Introduce yourself and get to know the community. Timing Out

25 days ago
So I've been here a week or so, and notice that the website sometimes times out. Kind of often. Where my pages suddenly take minutes to save changes I made to them, or to simply refresh. And then when I check another page on the website, it sometimes times out entirely, never loading.

Is this a known issue? Happening to anyone else? Or is it just me? Timing Out

25 days ago
Do you check other sites during these times?

I haven't noticed anything unusual, but that would be the easiest way to see whether it was something to do with your connection. Timing Out

24 days ago
I do. Google/youtube seem to be just dandy when I try to verify if its my internet connection, and internet speed tests say I'm great when CYS isn't buffering. When the site acts up, I do check which says CYS is fine.

But if it's not something anyone else is noticing, I guess it is just me.

Is there a browser particularly recommended for the coding this site uses? Thought I guess its just HTML. Currently use firefox if that is a factor at all lol Timing Out

24 days ago
Looks like the internet hates you. Get rekt Timing Out

24 days ago

I now think I'm being purposely sabotaged by the mods. You can't publish a shit story if you can never save it Timing Out

24 days ago

That seems unlikely. Why don't you go to speedtest and check your speed. I'd also try uninstalling multiple bloated extensions you may have on Firefox, and trying different browsers, clearing cache, all that fun stuff. 

This site has been reliable for a long time. I can't recall any downtime, except a brief window when leaving MAG and becoming CYS. Timing Out

24 days ago
Though some of them are suspect, all the speedtests I've taken during my CYS blackouts say that my speed is fast. And the only extension I have is uBlock Origin, which I feel is a must. But I'll definitely try clearing the cache to see if that may help next time.

But it does seem to be on my end, so I'll just have to keep a close eye on what circumstances are in play when the site buffering happens. Thanks for the help everyone. Timing Out

24 days ago
Damn, I was hoping he wouldn't notice. Timing Out

24 days ago
It's okay, I forgive you. I'm sure there's enough poor writing on this site already without another scrub in the mix.

And of course, thanks for the help. Timing Out

24 days ago
I dont like your username so I set up some code to block your access to cys at key times Timing Out

23 days ago
Ha, they admitted it!

Case closed.

Bag and tag 'em boys.