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The Unreleased Harry Potter Book - 1st 1000 words

9 months ago

Title: *Harry Potter and the Arcane Nexus*

Chapter One: *Whispers in the Mist*

The world had changed since the defeat of Voldemort. Peace had settled upon the wizarding world, but a sense of unease lingered in the air like a faint whisper. The scar on Harry Potter's forehead was a constant reminder of the battles fought and the sacrifices made. Now, at the age of thirty-three, Harry stood on the threshold of yet another mystery that would challenge everything he thought he knew.

It was a misty morning at the Potter family cottage, a quaint and cozy home nestled at the edge of the Forbidden Forest. Harry gazed out the window, his emerald eyes reflecting the mist's silver-gray hue. He sipped his tea, lost in thought as he contemplated recent events. There had been rumors of unusual magical phenomena occurring in distant lands, disturbances in the flow of magic itself. The Ministry of Magic had yet to issue an official statement, but Harry's instincts told him that trouble was brewing once again.

As he contemplated, a tapping on the window drew his attention. An elegant brown owl perched on the windowsill, a letter clutched in its beak. Harry recognized it as an official Ministry owl. He let the owl in, untied the letter, and read the neat script:

*Dear Mr. Potter,*

*We hope this letter finds you well. A matter of great importance has arisen, one that requires your expertise and unique insight. Please report to the Ministry of Magic at your earliest convenience. Your presence is requested by the Minister herself.*

*Yours sincerely,*
*Hermione Granger-Weasley*
*Ministry of Magic*

Harry's brow furrowed. Hermione's letters were always precise, but this one carried an undertone of urgency that piqued his curiosity. He quickly dressed, his mind racing with thoughts of what could possibly warrant such a request.

Arriving at the Ministry, Harry was met with a sense of bustling unease. Wizards and witches hurried about, whispering in hushed tones. The Atrium, once a symbol of grandeur, seemed to have lost some of its luster. As he made his way to the Minister's office, he couldn't shake the feeling that history was repeating itself, that a storm was gathering on the horizon.

Hermione's office was as organized as ever, shelves lined with books and parchments neatly stacked. She looked up from her desk, her warm smile contrasting with the tension in her eyes. "Harry, I'm glad you could make it."

"What's going on, Hermione?" Harry asked, his concern evident.

Hermione motioned for him to sit. "It's a complex matter. There have been reports from various magical communities around the world—disturbances in the magical fabric, spells going awry, and even magical creatures behaving unusually. We believe it's connected to a phenomenon we're calling the Arcane Nexus."

Harry frowned, intrigued. "Arcane Nexus? What is that?"

"We're not entirely sure," Hermione admitted, her fingers tracing a line on her desk. "It's as if the very foundations of magic are shifting, causing disruptions in its flow. We've formed a team to investigate, but we need your assistance, Harry. Your experience with unusual magic and your connection to the core of magical energy… it's invaluable."

As Hermione spoke, a holographic map of the world appeared above her desk, marked with glowing points denoting areas of magical disturbance. The points were scattered across continents, forming a loose web of instability.

"We need to travel to these locations, gather information, and try to understand the nature of this Arcane Nexus," Hermione continued. "We fear that if left unchecked, it could lead to catastrophic consequences."

Harry studied the map, his mind racing with a mix of curiosity and concern. The misty whispers that had been lingering in his mind seemed to gain substance and shape. He met Hermione's gaze, his decision already made. "I'm in."

And so, a new adventure began. With the misty whispers of uncertainty as their backdrop, Harry Potter and his companions set out to unravel the enigma of the Arcane Nexus. Little did they know, this journey would not only challenge their understanding of magic but also lead them to confront their pasts and forge new alliances in the face of an emerging threat that could reshape the wizarding world once again.

What's an arcane nexus?

In the context of the imagined story, the term "Arcane Nexus" refers to a phenomenon within the magical world where the fabric of magic itself becomes disrupted or unstable. It's a central point or a web of interconnected disturbances that are causing magical anomalies and unpredictable effects. This disruption in the flow of magic leads to spells going awry, magical creatures behaving unusually, and various other disruptions in the normal functioning of the wizarding world.

Think of the Arcane Nexus as a sort of magical "storm" or disturbance that affects different parts of the world, causing magical chaos and instability. It's a mystery that the characters need to investigate and understand in order to prevent potentially catastrophic consequences. The term "arcane" is used to emphasize the mystical and mysterious nature of the phenomenon, and "nexus" indicates a central point of connection or convergence.

The details of what exactly the Arcane Nexus is, how it came to be, and how it can be resolved would be revealed and explored throughout the story, creating a central plot thread for the characters to follow and unravel.

- as imagined by ChatGPT 3.5 after much coaching. Still bad, but not as terrible as the first one it spewed out in 3.5 seconds and arguably better than a lot of work by fan fiction people. Now, try to imagine the ChatGPTs that are NOT firewalled in a little confined virtual lair, not regulated by any government or corp, and is getting smarter by the nanosecond. I wonder if we are witnessing the end of days for things like programming and most forms of writing.

The Unreleased Harry Potter Book - 1st 1000 words

9 months ago

Depends on the outcome of the 2023 writer's strike and perhaps some government regulations.

My two cents on it; what big corpos fail to realize is that art is inherently a human thing. Human work has intention and meaning behind it, even if it's most of the time utter garbage. Sure, you can feed an AI some stolen material and let it spit out some word soup, but to me it's akin to a monkey smashing on a typewriter and accidentally producing Hamlet. It's a cool tool and gimmick, but it would be devoid of any meaning.

But would chatGPT make big movie producers and stock investors lots money, oh definitely. Everyone knows it.

The Unreleased Harry Potter Book - 1st 1000 words

8 months ago

I hear you. The interesting thing to learn is that about 10% of TV shows currently in production - entire episodes are written by the machine learning bots - and evidently we didn't even know it. And evidently don't care. The execs have found that people will watch anyway, which means they make just as much money, which means they can get rid of most writers. Execs killing creativity is an old, tired cliche that is true.

What the Hollywood people are also doing is using the AI to predict which screenplays will be greenlit, even though it's being overseen by a human.

I tend to agree with you, but I wonder if it's preventable. I've already seen evidence of people in my sphere suddenly being able to write at post-grad levels. Real shame. One of my biggest strengths in college was the ability to churn out A essays, and now pretty much anyone can do it. 

I wonder if it's just not creative now and we're not looking far enough ahead. At one point, we didn't think any AI could beat a grandmaster in chess, then Go, considered creative and far more complex. AI blew through the old Turing test in like 2013 or something. At some point, machine learning and AI will meld into something closely resembling advanced human intelligence, as we are the creators. I assume they'll put on plays for us with all the old actors as nano-foggers, long in their graves or the nursing home, but nonetheless strutting about and belting out their AI-written lines.

The Unreleased Harry Potter Book - 1st 1000 words

9 months ago

Yeah, but can it write a halfway decent CYOA game?

The Unreleased Harry Potter Book - 1st 1000 words

8 months ago

It can. It can write whole books if you take it off the leash. But the thing about machine learning - it's not AI - it isn't conceiving of a story. It's picking the most common and most probable next word. Dynamically. What this means, I believe, is that you basically get average work, or work that tends towards the average, at all times.

In its current state, machine learning is useful to simplify common tasks. And without question, it's great for writer's block. It'll be interesting to see if it spits out the same nugget, like the Arcane Nexus, to someone else, and if we end up with competing novels on the market (not with Harry Potter, just in general).

The Unreleased Harry Potter Book - 1st 1000 words

4 months ago

ChatGPT 4, 37 seconds: 

Prompt: "Write me a choose your own adventure with dwarven berserkers and a strange rune"


**Title: The Rune of Fury**

*Your name is Brond Ironfist, a renowned dwarven berserker from the deep mountains of Thorgard. Your adventure begins in the heart of the Dwarven Kingdom, where a mysterious rune has been uncovered, causing chaos and unleashing unknown powers.*


**1. The Discovery**

You stand in the Great Hall of Thorgard, surrounded by stone walls etched with the history of your people. The King, with a troubled brow, presents you with an ancient, glowing rune. It pulsates with an eerie light.

"Do you recognize this, Brond Ironfist?" the King asks.

**If you choose to inspect the rune closely, go to 2.**

**If you choose to admit your ignorance about the rune, go to 3.**


**2. Inspecting the Rune**

You lean in to inspect the rune. Its glow is mesmerizing, and you feel a surge of power rushing through you.

**Roll a dice. If you roll an even number, go to 4. If you roll an odd number, go to 5.**


**3. Admitting Ignorance**

You shake your head. "I've never seen such a rune, my King."

The King nods, "Then we must consult the Oracle. She will know."

**Do you agree to visit the Oracle (go to 6), or do you suggest another course of action (go to 7)?**


**4. Overwhelmed by the Rune**

The power of the rune overwhelms you. You feel a rage building inside, a berserker's fury.

**Do you embrace the fury (go to 8) or fight to control it (go to 9)?**


**5. A Vision**

You suddenly have a vision of a dark cavern, filled with the same runes, glowing ominously.

**Do you decide to seek out this cavern (go to 10), or do you consult the King's advisors first (go to 11)?**


**6. Visiting the Oracle**

You and the King's guards set out to the Oracle, a journey through the perilous Frostbite Pass.

**Roll a dice. If you roll 1-3, you encounter a snow troll (go to 12). If you roll 4-6, you arrive safely (go to 13).**


**7. Another Course of Action**

You suggest gathering the wisest dwarves to study the rune.

The King agrees, and you spend days in deep discussion.

**Roll a dice. If even, you discover a clue (go to 14). If odd, you hit a dead end (go to 15).**


**8. Embracing the Fury**

You let the fury take over. You become a whirlwind of rage and power, but the rune's energy starts to consume you.

**Roll a dice. If even, you master the power (go to 16). If odd, you lose control (go to 17).**


**9. Fighting the Fury**

You clench your fists, fighting the overwhelming urge to succumb to rage.

**Roll a dice. If even, you succeed (go to 18). If odd, the fury wins (go to 19).**


**10. Seeking the Cavern**

You set out alone to find the mysterious cavern from your vision.

**Roll a dice. If 1-3, you get lost (go to 20). If 4-6, you find the cavern (go to 21).**


**11. Consulting the Advisors**

The King's advisors are stumped. They suggest consulting ancient texts in the Great Library.

**Do you go to the library (go to 22) or decide to search for the cavern anyway (go to 10)?**


*(Continue the story with more choices and dice rolls, leading Brond Ironfist through various challenges, discoveries, and confrontations.)*


This type of interactive story can be expanded with more choices and outcomes, creating a thrilling adventure for you to enjoy. Remember, your decisions shape the story of Brond Ironfist and the mystery of the Rune of Fury!

Drawing by ChatGPT 4 in 6 seconds...dragonlance style, muscular

The Unreleased Harry Potter Book - 1st 1000 words

4 months ago

Hemingway style - ChatGPT 4: 



In the deep woods, where old trees whispered and time seemed still, there was a place called the Arcane Nexus. Harry, a young man with wild hair and a serious face, stood there with his friends – Ron and Hermione.

Ron was a big fellow, good-natured but serious when it mattered. Hermione, with her sharp eyes, was smart and brave. They looked at the Nexus, a thing of mystery and danger, a swirl of untamed magic.

"Harry," Ron said. His voice was low. "This is no small thing."

Harry looked at the Nexus. His eyes were green like the deep forest. "We have to," he said. "It's about the magic."

Hermione, always thinking, spoke up. "If we don't, there'll be trouble. The magic's wild. It needs fixing."

Then Mizal came. She was like a shadow, quiet and knowing. Her eyes were blue and deep. "You're young," she said. "The Nexus isn't a game. It's wild, like the sea."

"We know," Harry said. His voice was steady. "But we have to try."

Mizal looked at them. There was a smile, almost. "Then know this. The Nexus will test you. It'll show you fear and weakness. Are you ready?"

They looked at each other, friends and more. They were ready. They had to be.

They moved closer. The Nexus hummed with power. The ground shook. The world felt strange, like a storm was coming.

Harry reached out. His hand was close to the Nexus. He could feel the power, wild and strong.

Then everything was light.

The Unreleased Harry Potter Book - 1st 1000 words

4 months ago

Still crap. Good. Looking forward to 4.5.