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Voldy's Natural Habitat

8 days ago
I found Voldy on Youtube:

Voldy in his natural habitat.

(EDIT—May not be safe for work if you or your coworkers think gorillas getting it on is offensive)

Voldy's Natural Habitat

23 hours ago
Interesting that this got moved to its own thread. Well, here's something just as fascinating. This little chimpanzee mimes a certain rated x action to get an older female to agree to satisfy his sick urges. See about 1:00 into the video. Astounding ape intelligence.

Voldy's Natural Habitat

20 hours ago

... I guess CYS is just really into monkey porn now. Meh.


Voldy's Natural Habitat

18 hours ago
I listened to that entire song...

This guy carries a big stick to use as a makeshift portable pole to climb on.

And about 1:40 in these gibbons walk like people. Nay, like bigfoots.

Gibbons walking upright

Voldy's Natural Habitat

17 hours ago

This is not porn. I approve. ^_^