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Walkthrough: MyVacation

6 years ago

Edit: I have reformatted the walkthrough to make it easier to read!

For those of you that are looking for a good myVacation walkthrough, here is my own, created by the creator of myVacation! The walkthrough is designed if you do not use the Tiki Cheat mode; however, you can beat the game using the tiki cheat mode and this walkthrough as well. 

-MyVacation Walkthrough-

1. Getting Your Room
One of the first things you should do before doing anything in this game is buying your first room.
Navigate to the main lobby and go to the front desk. Tell them "I would like to Buy/Upgrade my room" Since you only have enough money for the Big Basic, tell them you want that. 
Take the key card and put it in your inventory. 
Use your map and go to the Rooms Area. 
The Big Basic menu option will be highlighted, allowing you to go in there. (Rooms: Hotel rooms will let you raise all your stats. Make sure your stats do not reach 0, otherwise you may have to pay penalties in cash for your mistakes. You also only have two money wire transfers available.)

2. Your Internship
Now that we have a hotel room, let's go check out the internship research sight! (Since that's also the point of your stay) 
Use your map and go to the Pinewolf Research Facility.Go to the Lobby, then go to the Professor's office. 
Search the professor's desk and take his GPS System. Search the professor's laptop, you'll see that he's on the field.
You can take the buggy to find him. Go back to the lobby and then entrance of the facility outside.
Go to the garage.
You can't drive the buggy unless you have the keys to do so. Go back inside the facility and use the bathroom.
Look at the counter in the bathroom and take the golf cart keys.
Go back to the buggy area and use the buggy.
You need to use the GPS in your inventory in order to figure out where the professor is located.
You will be taken to an alternative map of the island.
For now, only one location should be available: The Jungle Testing Area.Talk to Professor Dashwood and ask "About the Class".
Ask what your assignments for the class are. 
Professor Dashwood will give you a lab access keycard.This will let you use other areas of the lab for your research. 
Leave the professor and go back to the Lobby of the lab.
Now that you have the access key card, all the areas should be open for you to visit. 
Go to your office and log on to the computer. Here you can view files about your assignment as well as how to perform research operations. 
Log off the computer and go to the tropical green house.
Study the plants. You should get a leaf test tube. 
Go to the lab and analyze your samples.
Use the leaf test tube on the analyze screen. Take the lab results folder.
Go back to the lobby and then your office to log on to the computer. 
Document your research on the computer and provide the folder item as a result. 
Your breakthrough level will be increased to 5. (You will need to go to the green house and study plants one more time to unlock the first story quest: The Mysterious Hunger Fungus)

3. The Mysterious Hunger Fungus
First, go on your computer and make sure that you go to your breakthrough expedition list.
Read what Professor Dashwood has to say about the issue.
Apparently a research assistant named Ashley is in trouble. 
Use the buggy and go to the Microbiology Testing Area. Ashley will be there.
You will need to chat with Ashley to get to know her before she'll tell you what the problem is. (Level 3 Relationship Required)
Ask Ashley "If everything is okay." Ashley will tell you that she's been infected by the hunger fungus.
The only way to cure her is to find a herbal medication to counteract the effects.
She will give you a sample of the fungus to present to people around the island.
Go to your map and travel to the Market Square. You will need to go to the Shopping District.
Go to the VooDoo Lady, Mirtilla, and her shop, to speak to her. 
Show her the hunger fungus sample.
She will know exactly what it is and give you a grocery list of items to find. (Hot massage stone, fruit blast drink, dung beetle)  (Note: Some of these items require other locked locations to be open. So we are going to jump around and then come back to this quest)

3.1 Getting the Hot Massage Stone, Fruit Blast Drink, and a Job
In order to get a hot massage stone, you need to buy a spa pass at the lobby of the hotel.
Passes aren't cheap either, costing about $500 a pass.
Lucky for you, you can get jobs at the resort.
Go to the Tiki Bar and speak with the bartender.
Ask if they are hiring. He will tell you that a position for a bartender is available. Take the job as well as the bartending uniform. 
(In order to work a shift, talk to the bartender and present the uniform to him)
Work a shift and collect your paycheck.
You will be taken to an employee discounts store where you can buy items at about half their price.
You can buy the Fruit Blast drink here for a really good discount! 
Buy the fruit blast and put it in your inventory. (You can only have one fruit blast drink at a time so DO NOT drink it.)
The bartending job can make you some good money while you are beginning the game, especially when you can't afford food or drinks otherwise.
If you want, you can also get the lifeguard job as well. This will pay more money than the bartender.

3.2 Getting the Lifeguard Job
Go to the lobby of the hotel and talk to Jane.
Chat with Jane and ask her if she works at the resort.
She will deny it at first and then tell you that she does.
She will also tell you that she knows the head lifeguard, John, and can get him to give you a job at the resort if you want to make more money.
Chat with Jane until your relationship is 5 and convince her.
Jane will give in and give you a pool access key card. 
Use the map and go to the pool. Use the key card immediately after.
You will be taken to the employees only area. John will be in there. 
Talk to John and tell him that you want to be a lifeguard.
He will get doubtful and will want to see your skills physically. (Level 5 body)
Go back to the pool area's workout facility.
You can workout here for the cost of energy.
Get your body skill to 5 and go back to John. 
John will then want to know how eager you are to be a lifeguard. (Relationship 8 required)
Keep talking to John until he sees how eager you are. 
John will agree to let you try applying.
You'll then need $200 for a licensing fee. 
Work shifts at the bartending job to raise money for the fee.
Once you have the money, give it to John.John will make you an offer to be a lifeguard.
It pays $100 per shit! Woohoo! (Note: Your old job inventory items will be removed and you won't have access to employee discounts at the old one, so make sure you want the job before you do that.)
John will give you a lifeguard buoy to use when you are working a shift.
You can work a shift at the pool area by using the buoy.
New employee discounts include the pool burger combo, yoga mat, or inner tube!If you want to save yourself some time for a later quest, you can take the char-grilled pool burger.

3.3 Getting the Spa Stone
Go to the main lobby and speak with the front desk. 
Tell them that you want to "See the Hotel Features"Purchase the Spa key card and go to the pool area.
Go to the Wildflower Spa.
A woman will greet you and ask what you would like.
Use the grocery list on her and purchase a massage stone for $30.You now have the massage stone!

3.4 Getting the Dung Beetle
Go to the Jungle and to the Survival Expert's house. 
Talk to Tico and show him the grocery list.
He will give you the dung beetle.

3.5 Making the Cure
Go back to the market square shopping district. 
Go to the VooDoo lady's shop and speak to her.
Show her the grocery list.
If you have everything in your inventory, the "I found everything option should be highlighted"
You will get the hunger fungus cure potion.
Take this potion back to Ashley immediately. Ashley will feel better.
You will get $300 and 30 research points!

3.6 The Secret of Pinewolf's Temple
First, go on your computer and make sure that you go to your breakthrough expedition list.
Read what Professor Dashwood has to say about the issue.
This time, a mysterious temple has been discovered!
Use your buggy to get to the temple.
When you get through the site, go through the pillars.
You will be taken to a research camp.
Talk to Professor Dashwood and he will debrief you about what's going on.
He will also give you climbing gear. 
Go into the Research tent and talk to Ashley.
Ask her about the temple and she will show you her pick-axe.
Ask to borrow the pick-axe. She will give it to you.
If you go through the jungle, you'll be stopped by some really thick vines. 
Use your map and go to the shopping district.
Go to the Souviner shop and go to the island tool section.
Buy everything in here if you have the money. 
Go to the toy section and buy the marble pouch as well. 
Now that you have everything that you need, go back into the jungle beyond the research camp.
Use the survival knife to break the vines.
You will be taken to a large cliff.Use the climbing gear that Professor Dashwood gave you.
You will be taken the Pinewolf Temple.Ashley and Dashwood will be with you now.
Go to the entrance of the temple. It's apparently sealed off, but there's a switch high up above the door.
Use the slingshot to flip the switch. 
The door will open, revealing a dark tunnel.
Use the flashlight to help you see through the paths.
There are several room wings that you can choose from. 
Center Wing: Has the large keyhole
West Wing: Has a wall of hieroglyphs. Use the pick axe to take out a chunk.
The Voodoo man is the only person on the island that can translate glyphs for you.
He will want $500 for the trouble. Get the money and have him translate it.
The Voodoo man will give you golden rocks that you can use at the temple.
He doesn't know what they are for though.
Take the rocks and go back to the temple.
Go to the East Wing: You have two options here. You can use the pouch of marbles or the golden rocks. 
The pouch of marbles is the cost effective way if you don't want to pay the voodoo man.
The golden rocks is the story way if you want to follow the story.
 Either way, you get the key!
Go back to the Center Wing. 
Use the key on the door and get the Pinewolf Medallion! You will also get $300 and 30 research points.

3.7 The Curse of Tiki Monkey Island
First, go on your computer and make sure that you go to your breakthrough expedition list.
Read what Professor Dashwood has to say about the issue.
Apparently the monkeys on the island are acting strange. 
What's worse, the Voodoo lady has been imprisoned.
Use the buggy and go to the Research Habitat Facility.
Talk to Rachel.
She will tell you to go see Martilla.Go to the Market Square and then go to the Prison.
Talk to Martilla.
She will give you a wand.Go back to Rachel and show her the wand that Martilla gave you. Rachel will laugh and give you a banana.
Take the banana. 
Go back to the shopping district and buy the stuffed animal monkey.
Go to the Jungle entrance on the screen that asks if you want to take the straight path, use the banana.
You will get knocked out and taken to a campfire.
Tico will be there as well.If you select, "a few days later", you will be taken back to your room. Don't do that yet.
Use the stuffed animal monkey on the campfire.
The Puppet Master will slow down and take a break from exhaustion.
Use the wand that Martilla gave you.
The Puppet master will be destroyed. Rachel will give you $500. 
A story scene will play out with you and Martilla.
She will take your stuffed animal monkey. Nigel the "real" monkey will get added to your inventory.

4. Nigel
Nigel can be used for a variety of things.
You can also talk to Nigel and chat with him to learn more about his back story.
If you have a suite, you can also play pool with Nigel. (Apologies on the Nigel room bug)
-Nigel can get drunk if you go to the Xplode club and use him there. 
-You can eat lunch with Nigel at the underwater restaurant.
-You can use Nigel to distract the lion in the jungle. (As opposed to buying a pool burger)
-While in Martilla's shop, you can use Nigel while talking to Martilla to read a cut scene.
-When in the casino, if you use Nigel, he will want to play poker. Give him $100 to play. As it turns out, Nigel has a good poker face and will kick everyone out of the game. When the staff get suspicious, they tie you up and kick you out. You will end up at "The Alley Town", a secret area in the game. 

5. Getting the Pirate Job
Go to the Market Square, Entertainment District, Harbor, and then Pirate Ship.
Use the slingshot to give you access into the ship.
Talk to Hurley, the ship captain.
Ask him if they are hiring. 
He will ask for a sword or survival knife. Show him your survival knife that you bought from the store.
Hurley will then give you a pirate script to memorize.
Use the script to gain a level but watch your needs!
You will have to pay a $200 pirate clothes fee.
You will then be offered the pirate actor job. 
Hurley will offer you the Pirate job.
It makes $150 per shift!Instead of an employee discount, you will get a one-time ticket to the Xplode Dance Club on the island for $40 instead of $500 for an all access ticket.

6. The Island Resistance vs The Island Government
There's an optional side story quest you can stumble upon in the jungle.
Go to the jungle and take the straight path.
There are two paths that you can take.
The right path will take you to a cliff.
You can use the climbing gear you got from the main story,or borrow the gear from people near the cliff. If you decide to borrow the gear, however, you will need to buy an energy drink from the store in the lobby. Once you buy the drink, give it to the people near the cliff.
Go through the cave.If you go to the village, you can use the bathroom.
Otherwise, follow the trail.If you go around the tree, you can use the bathroom.
Otherwise, go further below.The LION!!!You can do one of two things here.
If you have the pool burger, you can bribe the lion with that and pass. 
If you have Nigel, you can also make him distract the lion for you.
Just use Nigel on the lion screen.Go forward a path until you get to the camp.
If you go forward another screen and choose not to go to the camp, you will see a raft with a pamphlet from Tico telling you that you can get back to the entrance of the jungle via raft.
He also warns you not to go into the rebel camp.
If you go into the camp, you will get captured by a rebel and taken to a prison.
You free yourself. You can take a pair of tweezers if you look around.Go through the door. 
Use the tweezers on the door to unlock it.
You escape the shack, only to get captured again, this time by the group leader, Anniza.
She tells you that she's the leader of the island revolution to take down the island's corrupt governor. 
Anniza well let you decide if you want to take down the governor.
She will also give you a keychain to let the rebels know not to do anything to you.
You can go to the tree house to relax and raise your needs if you need to.
Regardless if you want to take the quest or not, go back to Anniza's shack and talk to her.
Tell her that you are interested in helping her.
She will give you the Governor's office key.
Go to the Market District and then to the governor's mansion.
Ask to meet the governor.
You can also climb through the window if you have the necessary skill as well. (Body 10)
Wait for the Govenor and you will eventually meet Victor.
You can chat with him to get more of the story.
You can also seduce him if your relationship with him is high enough.
(There are different ways you can finish this story)Victor will come into the office and see through your plan. He will also tell you that Anniza cannot be trusted.

If you seduce Victor...
-Sleep with him and then when he goes to bed, sneak out and go to the locked door.
Use the key Anniza gave you and get into his office.Use the key again on the cabinet.

If you climb through Victor's window...
-You will be in his office.
Use the key Anniza gave you on the cabinet.
Regardless, you will get Victor's briefcase.
You have a big decision to make now.
You can't go back once you make the decision! Save your game and go back if you want.

Go back to Anniza's camp, but don't show the rebels your keychain.
They will lock you up.
Look around the shack again and use the key Victor gave you.
Use the tweezers again and see the cut scene again.
Go back to Victor's house and give him the ruby.
You will get doubtful, however, and you can choose again if you want to give it to him.
Victor will give you $1000 for your troubles. 
The rebel camp will get destroyed and you won't be able to get into the mansion anymore.
Victor and Anniza will also no longer be able to be spoken with.

Go back to Anniza's camp and give her the briefcase.
You will learn the truth about her relationship with Victor and be asked again if you want to give it to her.
You will get $1000 for the troubles.
A few days later, Victor will be brought to jail and the mansion will get destroyed.
The rebel camp will still be available to explore if you would like to go there.

7. The Dancer Job
The next highest paying job on the island is the dancer at the Xplode Dance club.
If you are a pirate actor, you can get one time passes, or you can pay the hefty price of $500 to get exclusive access into the club whenever you want.
However you decide, go to the nightclub.
Go to the lounge and talk to Lauren.
Raise your relationship skill with her enough to tell her that you want to be a dancer. 
Lauren explains that you need a body skill of 10 to be a dancer.
Max the skill out and go back to Lauren.
The next skill dancers need is a good bladder.
Talk to Lauren again when your bladder is 1. (Just keep dancing or drinking at the bar)
The last thing Lauren will ask for is a $500 liability fee. 
Pay the fee.
Lauren will tell you to talk to Sergio, the nightclub owner.
She'll also give you his rolex watch that he forgot at her place the night before.
Talk to Calvin and ask about the backroom.
You'll need to max your relationship with Calvin before you can get him to give you the password.
Calvin will give you a sheet of paper to give to David, the an island local.
Go to the shopping district, entertainment district, and then tavern. 
Talk to David and show him the paper slip. 
David will give you the password to the casino.
Take it and go back to the back room of the club.
Once in the casino, you will have the option of playing slot machines, or going to the bar.
Sergio will be at the bar as well.
Talk to Sergio and raise your relationship with him so that he can trust you.
Tell him that you want to be a dancer. 
He'll want proof that you spoke to Lauren.
Show him the Rolex watch and he'll offer you the job. The position goes for $200 per shift.

8. The Tourguide Job
In order to get this job, you will need to talk to Cindy.
She's a hidden character that will be in the lobby every month between MDAY's 21 - 31.
Keep going to bed until the 21 to make her show up in the lobby.
Tell Cindy that you want to be a tour guide.
She will give you a tour guide quiz.Quiz Answers:
1. Paradise Place
2. Bird's Nest
3. Fruit Blast
4. Martilla
5. VolcanoBoard
6. True
7. Tiki Keychain
8. il Papa
9. Pinewolf
10. Reader's Choice

When finishing the quiz, Cindy will offer you the job.
It's $250 a shift. Employee discounts are at the hotel snack shop.
Cindy will give you a tour guide hat that you can use in the lobby to work a shift.

9. Scuba Diving Underwater City
Another optional adventure is the scuba diving underwater city.
Go to the hotel lobby and buy the scuba diving equipment.
Then go to the entertainment district and then go to the scuba diving center.
Talk to Scott, the instructor.
Ask about his scuba diving class.
He charges $100 per class, and requires level 10 to go scuba diving, totaling $1,000.
Take the class until you max out the level.
Then go to the shop and buy the harpoon gun and camera. 
The "Go Scuba Diving" option will be unlocked once you max out level 10. 
If you go to the coral reef, you can take pictures and sell them for quick cash. 
Swim deeper and use the harpoon gun on the shark.
Swim deeper past the jellyfish.Check out the sunken ship.
Once inside the sunken ship, you can go to a separate rooms area, a lounge, and a restaurant. 
If you go to the restaurant, you can use Nigel to eat with him.

10. Surfing
Go to the beach, and then to the surfer's shack.
Talk to the surf instructor. They will tell you about SPOINTS.
When you train, you earn spoints to do tricks and make money.
Buy a surfboard at the shop.
Using your hard earned spoints, you can spend it on cool trick waves. 
And there you have it!
Although you cannot "beat" myVacation, you can max everything out, so that could be considered beating it.
Thanks for reading the walkthrough!**If there is anything I forgot, you may enter it below. There are a few secrets that I did leave off this walkthrough, and I didn't want to unpublish the story and risk losing all your save games. 

11. Special Items and Events
*Pinewolf Medallion - Lets you reset all your needs for the cost of $100.
*If you spend 31 MDAY's at the resort, you will get $100 + Restored Needs!