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Oh well. Here's some random stuff.

Me. I'm me. What else can I say?

I'm big into science fiction and fantasy, but I like pretty much anything. I'm not that picky.

I love watching movies/TV, reading (pretty much anything but mostly fiction), drawing, writing, and just generally chillaxing.

If you wanna chat, go ahead and PM me :D

First storygame: the Androidic Purge (sorry, it's really bad)

Current plans:

I'm going to rewrite the Androidic Purge (because the current one is so bad I'm just making a new one)

The Other Animorph: an Animorphs fanfic storygame (read description for more down below)

Other storygames: I'm working on a few that I've just started. (if you want to help, please message me. help is much appreciated :D)

Stories that aren't storygames: Storygames aren't all I write (since they are sooooo hard). I'm also working on a story series called Nexus. Feel free to email [email protected] to read what I have so far. I'm on book 2.

Umm... yeah, that's pretty much all you get. XD

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the Androidic Purge

*note: this is my first storygame*
In a world with a substantial android population, a movement suddenly emerges with a single goal: eradicate all androids. How long would you be able to avoid destruction in the Purge?

There are several ways to die in this game. Are you up to the challenge?

There are only two endings, one of which is the actual ending and then a second one I decided to add in. All other ends are you being destroyed. (btw, sorry it's so short)

*if you have any questions or comments, please comment them or PM me (or email!). also, this is based off of a story series currently in the writing, so if you would like to read it, please email either [email protected] or [email protected]*


*edit: added a bit more dialogue so it wasn't cut short so awkwardly & added some extra info about the Purge*

The Other Animorph

based on the Animorphs series (but don't worry, anything you need to know will be explained at some point)

You are a teenage boy named Michael in Jacksonville, Florida. Well, you were. Your life was normal, until that night when you followed someone down into a huge underground cavern. Your life has been crazy ever since.

After discovering the Yeerk pool by mistake, you are being hunted by the Yeerks. Will you fight? Will you hide? Or will you fail and get infested or killed?