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Zombie Kill Squad

You are part of the Infection Contamination Squad, or ICS. The ICS have been formed to deal with the increasing zombie threat. You and your squad are to be dropped into the infected town of Lakeville, and must complete the following objectives:
*Secure the Safe-house in the town.
*Eliminate any armed and aggressive survivors.
*Evacuate code-name "Tracer" from his penthouse.
You're in a squad of five. All infected and aggressive survivors are fair game. Evacuation is ready at any time. Good luck.

Zombie Kill Squad 2

In this game, you take the role of Lt Conner "Killjoy" McMillan. You've taken command of a platoon of four ICS, or Infection Contamination Squads. You're leading a convoy towards Horse Island, a safe-zone. The Convoy consists of, from front to back, a Humvee, a Stryker, three armored vans for transporting civilians, a truck and another Humvee. Your objectives are to get the civilians to the safe-zone at any costs. If possible, other supplies and survivors would be a benefit. More Kills lead to more experienced soldiers and a better chance of survival.
Good Luck.

A Dragon's Life

A Fantasy story where you take the role of a young dragon, flying across your lands conquering, helping or crushing whatever's in your path.

A Pirate's Life

This is the story of one pirate's rise to legends. Whether their route will involve trickery, battle fleets or fierce warriors depends entirely on you and your choices. Good luck and enjoy!

A Warrior's Life

Play as a young warrior and go through life, fighting with magic, bow and sword to get your goals. This game contains three different endings, and several ways to succeed. Enjoy!

A Zombie's Life

A short game where you play as a Zombie in the Apocalypse. There are four different endings.

Star Wars: Droid Military

After the fall of the CIS, most of the Droid Generals were slaughtered. You take roll of General Mo'Shawk, a Bith Commander from the CIS. You have fled the Empire with three Trade Federation Cruisers, and an army of droids. You finally decide to go on the offensive after several decades of hiding, and you start with the small system of Kay'an.

Zombie Kill Squad 3

The third Zombie Kill Squad game, you take control of a squad of a Heavy ICS Unit that gets left behind. Now it's just you and your team of four against the ravenous hordes you've been left behind with. Enjoy!