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Curse of the De'meir (Part 1)

This is my first storygame, so its pretty Linear. Anyhow this storygame is about a custom creature I have made called the De'meir. You will learn more about it in game. I hope that I can inspire bone chilling terror in this story for you but I make no promises. You are the main character, you, whether you be male or female this is in YOUR perspective. The choices you make are YOURS so if you die don't blame the character for making the choice, it was you all along. Now you are about to encounter the curse...of the De'meir and find out why things are not what you believed they were.

I repeat this is my first storygame and therefore I have made it very Linear. If you wish to use my beast, contact me first via PM. I claim ownership of the De'meir for it sprung from my imagination. As long as you ask me first you can use it if you like :)

I currently am only making THIS first part. Only in one part of this game do I describe the De'meir. There are plenty of ways to easily die. I will be considering on making more choices and options available to the player in future parts as long as I get reviews and such if this storygame is sufficiently scary or thrilling or enrapturing. I want to know if people like the story before I continue it. I mean, before YOU continue it heehee. I mean what is the point of making this if no one likes it? Enjoy the beginning of the curse!

Curse of the De'meir (Part 2)

Alrighty Part 2. Im going to make this one way longer and Im going to try and get a bit less linear and add some different Options and choices as well as a choice in a companion or two on your journey, who knows, only I.

If you haven't played the first part I suggest you do so now and try to get the ending.

-spoiler if you haven't played the first part- You came to the strange town of Flowerfield, spent the night, and bashed in a creature's skull. And after that a strange skull appeared and started Jabbering at you. Are you going nuts or are there really supernatural things going on? And why on earth are you referred to as the Scarbearer? Answers may be found as you step up to the challenge of Part 2 of the curse of the De'Meir.