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Extra Life

First story ever, guys!

Since you were a child, you were taught that human lives were precious, as we only have one. Sadly for you, you've lost your precious only life when it barely started at the age seventeen. Feeling a little dejected? Well, don't you worry, we are going to give you a second chance to make things right. Don't waste this extra life, as I promise, it will be your last.

This is the first part of the Extra Life series. By the look of things, there will be at least two parts in total. U.U Sorry for not putting everything into one huge game, but I'd like to get some comments/feedbacks before I move forward. In this part of the game, you are just trying to get your extra life. 8D Hopefully this game is not too boring, or too difficult. Just make sure you read the story carefully, as all the hints you need in order to win are there.

Extra Life II: Counter Measure

[insert description here]

Sacred River

Two kingdoms shared the land, with only a mystic river separating them. Instead of clear, the water that ran in the river was a light lavender and gave off different floral scents according to the seasons. Due to the river's special properties, it began to be known as sacred. A rumor had it that any woman who drank from the river would become more beautiful and any man who drank from it would become stronger. Of course, while those rumors may not be true, the river did serve one purpose - it maintained the peace between the two kingdoms for hundreds of years, because no one dared to cross the blessed water.

Unfortunately, one of the Kings got a little over ambitious two years ago and decided to lead an attack to the other kingdom. His attack failed miserably and he begged his enemy to give him another chance. The other King agreed, but demanded a token of trust in exchange for the other King's life. After some thought, the defeated King decided to hand over his youngest son to the other kingdom as a hostage. His proposition was accepted, and together the Kings signed an agreement. If the defeated King dared to attack again, then the other King had all the rights to kill the hostage prince that was handed over. However, if they maintained the peace, then on the hostage prince's seventeenth birthday, the King holding him will give him one of his daughters to marry and make from then treat him as if he was his own son.

That, is the basic story. Exactly what will happen? Well, that's up to you. C:

In this game, you will be able to choose to play from two different people's point of view. The endings will vary depending on who you play, but the general plot flow is about the same.

There will be romance routes. Since I don't like to limit people on what kind of people they can like, I will be giving you quite a few options. There will be slash options, so if your prince want to be with a guy, he can. If your princess liked girls, that's fine too~ 

Stardust Dream

On your sixteenth and very last birthday, you made a wish. You wished that someone would be with you through the final three nights of your life. Incredibly enough, your wish was granted, in the form of a falling star.

This is more of a story than a game, so unfortunately you get less things to click.