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Rum Runner's Tale

You are a rum runner during the Prohibition Era of the United States. As a smuggler, you must deliver alcohol from the Caribbean to New Orleans, then take a train up to New York-- all without being caught by the authorities.


This is a historical choose your own adventure story. Have fun!

John Platt: Revenge of Bling Bling Boy 2 - The Octahedron's Ascension
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Chapters and pages deleted on old chooseyourstory on 3/29/2024 11:18:42 PM

I have recently just come back to an old chooseyourstory that I had opened with a friend several years ago. Upon playtesting again after so long, we discovered that many links and pages that we are almost POSITIVE existed, no longer exist. Furthermore, upon editing these projects, it seems ENTIRE CHAPTERS have been deleted from our old games. Reviewing items and variables, objects seem to still exist for rooms/pages they are no longer bound to. Is it possible to recover these chapters or are they gone forever?

Page or Chapter Limit? on 7/3/2020 4:27:24 AM

Me and my friends are making a very large storygame that has a lot of branching paths and decisions that lead to different parts of the game. We're still relatively close to the beginning of our story, but we already have about 140 pages and 6 different chapters. I was wondering if there is a certain limit to the amount of pages per chapter? Or if there is a limit to the amount of chapters allowed in one storygame? Or even a limit to the amount of items you can have? (We have about 20 items so far) Thanks!

I'm not very new here by the way... been working with chooseyourstory for about a year. Any help is appreciated.