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A not-so-normal high schooler. Is working on a WW2 storygame currently, but writer's block gets in the way. Also a fan of RWBY. Feel free to send me a Private Message. I'm always up for a conversation.

Don't worry, I will try not to don't bite :3


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The US government discovered about the fact that a crime organization known as "Inner Circle" is secretly being controlled by vampires. At first, they didn't believe it. But it turned out that it was the fact. Vampires are supposed to be a fantasy, but 'fantasy' things seemed to be real after all. The government kept this a secret to civilians.

Sharon and Leo are human-vampire hybrids who work as mercenaries, vigilantes, and bounty hunters. They tried to keep their origin a secret, but the US government discovered it. Both are visited by a young woman who claimed that she came from a different world -- another universe which is just like a fantasy fiction. The woman brought both of them to the FBI.

Both human-vampire hybrids were also caught for doing 'unpleasant' activities during their time before they got captured. Sharon and Leo were also used to be police officers who escalated to be SWAT officers. The FBI interrogated them about Inner Circle and facts about them. They were forced to tell everything they knew about them.

And both were tasked for an important mission -- to put an end to Inner Circle and the vampires once and for all. Inner Circle's base of operations is located in a city known to be full of merciless criminals and crime organizations. Should they succeed, they will obtain their freedom.

Seeing no other choice, Sharon and Leo accepted. They joined and collaborated with a famed private security company, Global Risk Security (GRS for Short) in their mission to take down Inner Circle. A battle-hardened veteran from Soviet-Afghan war will also assist them with his high skill and experience.

The vampires and their crime organization must be put down once and for all...

Well... this is going to be a very weird experience.


This is more of a story rather than a game. This storygame is also NOT that serious.

In this storygame, you will play and control multiple protagonists. At a certain point (especially when moving to the next chapter), you will switch to a different character. Each character has different personality and background, and one is a female while the others are males. Each character also has different perspective.

Sharon, Leo, and Misha are the main playable characters. At certain points, you control multiple characters at the same time. Sometimes, you get to play a minor character such as a GRS contractor or even an enemy henchman, but it is only for a few pages before reverting back to the main character. These minor characters are also considered to be 'bonus' playable characters.


This storygame contains vulgar words and violence. Viewer discretion is advised.

Special thanks to MasonjarGuzzi for proofreading and everyone who has motivated me.

War Thunder: A Tiger's Tale

Follow the story of panzer ace Ernest Gunther and his crews alongside the other soldiers in the Eastern Front during WW2. Embark on historical battles with the Soviets in your Tiger in the bloodiest tank battle in history, thd Battle of Kursk and King Tiger in the last days of world war two.

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