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Hello, I am an inexperienced writer that doesn't know shit about shit. any comments are appreciated on my stories. I do usually try to write either serious stories or silly ones with sarcastic narrators. That may or may not seem vague and/or dickish depending on who you are. As I write more an more, I hope to get better at doing this thing. Because if I'm bored, why the hell not right? Though my attention span may stop me from being an author. What's that? Okay, i need to go. I just saw something shiny outside.


The Chinatown Murderer

This will take a more serious look on problems and I will be using considerate of the level of seriousness and make a better story. So it's about you, who watches the news and learns about a serial killer on the loose in the Chinatown area. Your best friend/roommate has sent you to the Chinatown areas on get groceries, what you do there is up to you...

Comments are appreciated, Kay thx! :D

Highschool Lockdown

How would you react if armed men came into your school? Would you be a badass and save everyone? Or would you sneak away undetected? The decision is yours to make...


Comments are appreciated, Kay thx! :D