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If there are no roads to walk on, break down the walls!

A girl always has to lose their way once or they won't reach the right answer.

It takes courage to stare at yourself in the mirror.

Sometimes the wind, kind and fierce, becomes weak, but it shall never disappear.



I would like to say "arigatou" to all those who played my storygames and gave me some feedback! I read every single one :D

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Seraph Serenade

If you're lonely, I will take you with me to heaven and beyond on my own two wings...You make it hard for me to be alone...

There are three possible endings to this game. The higher your score, the better your ending will be. If there are mistakes of any type, please PM me and I will fix it. As always, feedback and feedforward is well appreciated! Protip: Use the coins bag in the stores. This game took quite a while to enjoy the Seraph Serenade!

Three Keys
You wake up imprisoned in a dark tower, your memories lost. You must find the three keys to get out. Will you succeed or will you remain trapped in there forever? This is my first advanced game. So if it doesn't work, then please tell me to fix it. Feedback and feedforward much appreciated. Have fun!

~Tainted Souls~

A short story of a girl living in the 13th century, the time of the plague.

This is my fourth story game.  Feedback and feedforward wanted! As long as you be nice in the comments section. If there are any grammatical/spelling errors, let me know please XD I kinda rushed this a bit, so its not very long :P


Thanks to all who played Endless Eight and Three Keys. I hope you enjoyed them!

Haruhi Suzumiya: Endless Eight

This game is a spin off from the anime The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya. It especially focuses on the Endless Eight episodes. You will play Kyon, the main character of this series. The story starts off on August the 17th...

If you haven't watched the anime (or manga), I suggest you do so before playing.

Here is a link for those who want to read the manga


For those who say "This game keeps going back to the beginning!", it's supposed to be this way. I wanted to make this seem like Endless Eight as much as possible!


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Writing first story on 7/23/2013 4:29:05 AM

I wrote Three Keys first but I published Endless Eight before that ( AND IT'S NOT DEDICATED TO YOU ).

Writing first story on 7/23/2013 3:54:52 AM

This is mine

My first storygame on 6/17/2013 6:52:30 AM

You're not welcome.

My first storygame on 6/17/2013 6:50:25 AM

Are you kidding me?! I got absolutely no credit for my last help :( RAGE! It took me ages to figure out the stupid scripting! ARGH!

Of course I'll help ^^

My first storygame on 6/17/2013 6:43:11 AM

Hello Haruhi. 

I pretty much did all the stupid darn scripting for you. Yet you even removed me from your list of co-authors before you published the game!!! DX You little witch!!! Rage!

You're welcome ^^

Print Or Digital on 6/10/2013 2:49:58 AM

I agree with the last statement.

If you choose option 2, go to page 163.

That won't be very convenient. 

The Hunger Games vs Battle Royale on 5/27/2013 5:49:20 AM

Disney ruins a lot of fairytales.

The originals were way better.

Eg. The Mermaid Princess

Disney- the mermaid princess (what kind of name is Ariel) gets married. The end (plain)

Original-the mermaid princess was about to kill the human, but because she loved him, she couldn't. Ending much more complex.

The Oceans Daughter on 5/24/2013 7:11:11 PM

its gr8!