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Hello! I enjoy a good storygame, and I am just trying my hand at creating storygames.



You wake up trapped in a room. There are no visible doors or windows, and the only thing in the room is a table, upon which sits a bomb. Can you make it out alive?

Hey, what's up? This is my first storygame, and it is a rather short one! It's not meant to be story-driven; I tried to give as much description as possible, but this is more of a game than a story. I must stress that this is just meant to be a little fun puzzle thing. So, if you're looking for a storygame with a heavy emphasis on plot, you will not find that here!

Anyway, with that out of the way, I drew inspiration from the video game Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, except, of course, this is only a single-player version. One more note: Please try not to use the Go Back button. You should be able to get to the end of the game just by utilizing the links provided in-game. Thanks so much, and have fun!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Time is denoted in seconds.

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