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Cannibals Roam

This is a wacky zombie-survival sort of thing. Enjoy. This is my first game, and it's A TEST STORY. I just created it to gain some feedback from other users, so I appreciate any advice. Thank you. By the way, the revolver you can pick up has absolutely no use whatsoever. I made a mistake while setting up the game and it's set on advanced mode, so I couldn't change it back. I also am not the typical swearing type; I just thought it would add to the story, hope that worked. I also have slightly updated the game based on your comments (Thank you for them! :) Glad you liked my story)

I would love to have a rating of 5, but I'm more expecting one of 3 or 4. Please leave a rating so I know how well I did for a test story!

Thank you for the love!

- jb007

Guardian of the Forest

This is a serious game, with little intent for humour. This is only my second game and I'm trying to develop my "story-writing." I would love some ratings and comments to see how I could improve in general. I really hope you like it, and I've been holding this idea for a while now.

You are a girl named Emelia wandering through a forest and a toad appears in front of you. What was intended to be a nice forest walk turns into an adventure, full of excitement!

If you have missed my first test game, it is called Cannibals Roam. I would love some feedback on my improvement from my first game.

Thank you!

- jb007