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Alone in the Forest

A poor mouse is all alone. He is very lonely and wants only for someone to play with him. Will you help him find some friends?

I would also like to thank jamescoker1226 for looking over this and helping me out. Also, if you can, leave a comment below of, well, just what you would like to see. Like, if there is a certain mistake I should fix or what kind of stories you want. Let me know below what you think.

A piece of Bread's Misson

You are a piece of bread. You some how came alive and were given a mission. That mission is to take over the world with... Zombies!

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Ideas on 2/26/2015 10:52:23 AM

Okay thanks to all of you I will look into this stuff, but i like the advice everyone has given and ill try to use it in my writing and yes Bucky I will look into the website you suggested to me, but thank you all for being a good help. Kiel had replied to me saying that i can join the writing exercises so ill look into those as well.

Ideas on 2/26/2015 12:11:58 AM

Yea i just noticed about the I's so i went back and fixed them. The reason I wanted to know what other people want to see is because I want people to well like the stories I know that may sound greedy or something to want people to like your stories but im really just trying to make people happy here. I have seen other people hate on other people's stories and say rude things about them but not you of course im actually trying to use the advice people give me I just don't know how sometimes but I try my best. I really want to change people though cause im actually a nice person in real life and I want to try and make others just maybe more nicer in what they say and try to give new comers like me and other new comers more advice into making their stories better.

Ideas on 2/25/2015 11:57:32 PM

Thanks Bucky and that I I thought I capitalized but guess i didn't. Oh well, and yes ive already messaged Kiel about joining the writing exercises so hoping to get a reply from her soon. I also joined the site cause I have lots of ideas I can come up with a new one in just one minute like maybe a dragon who cant fly story or something like that, but mainly I posted on the forum here because I wanted to know what people would like to see

Ideas on 2/25/2015 11:10:57 PM

Anyone have any plot ideas for a story? Yes i am new to this website and ive been here about almost a week now. So any suggestions on how to make my stories better? Please reply :)